The new Mahabharat misses the important aspect during the vadh of shishupal and gives us yet another imaginary plot

Scenario – Rajyasuya Yagya seems to be the occasion in Mahabharat and everybody is gearing up for the coronation of Yudhishtr. Krishna is selected as the person for performing pooja since Bhishm Pitama is bonded to Dhritarashtr in a way. Shishupal enters in style and starts insulting his cousin brother Krishna, who is also the cousin of Pandavas.

Shishupal and His Background

Shishupal was Krishna’s bua son. He was born with 3 eyes and 4 arms. When his parents were about to cast him out a voice warned them not to do so. It was said that if he sat on a person’s lap his extra organs would disappear and the same person would kill him later. Sishupal, as a kid had sat on Krishna’s lap and so for obvious reasons he was destined to kill him.

Krishna Mahabharat 300x230 The Vadh of Shishupal In the New Mahabharat

However, Krishna had promised his bua that he would pardon Shishupal’s 100 mistakes but not beyond it. In Yudhishtr’s yagna, Shishupal crossed this line of control. He came and started insulting Krishna by calling him names. In addition, he had a personal grudge against him too(Krishna had married Rukmini whom Shishupal wanted to marry).

However, he insulting Krishna’s relationship or friendship with Draupadi was only the writer’s imagination. This scene reminded me of movies where it is normally said a man can never be friends with a married woman. No wonder, every time I see the new Mahabharat, I’m forced to think about Bollywood movies.

Krishna’s Promise to Draupadi

Obviously, Krishna could not bear more than 100 insults and just when Shishupal crossed his limit, Krishna’s Sudarshan Chakra stroke off his head from his body. While it is a legend that Krishna hurts his finger here and Draupadi comes to his rescue by tearing off her saree, the new Mahabharat smartly chooses not to show this scene. Here inthe serial Draupadi neither tears her saree off nor Krishna promises her to repay her loan of kindness.

Krishna kills Shishupala 238x300 The Vadh of Shishupal In the New Mahabharat

The Writer’s Imagination

On the contrary, what we see here is, Duryodhan in a fiery mood is ready to fight Krishna. Aha, anybody coming and challenging Krishna, this show must be really annoying Lord Krishna up there, isn’t it? Picking up the weapon in front of the members in Rajya Sabha again comes as an imagination in the minds of writers who seem so desperate to show the antagonist (if i may say that) in their worst form as if they are showing some Bollywood gunda.

I wonder why there is so desperation to defend the characters in a mythological story when the plot is clear and so is their character sketch. The reason I am saying this because Duryodhan is shown insulting Draupadi in the rajya sabha when she advises Yudhishtr against Duryodhan which is again a creative sequence of the Starbharat.

Humanizing the story with every new episode, the new Mahabharat is only playing with the basic plot and manipulating every single sequence the way it wants. Pity that the real thing is missing when the generation next seems to be following the show to get some data on the greatest Indian mythology

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source: Krishna beheading Shishupal

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