As a follow up to Tagodia’s hate speech , one question arises – who can buy land in India ?

It is always interesting to see how different people would react to different events.

In this case Tagodia is supposed to have forcefully made an attempt to disallow Muslims from buying property in a Hindu neighbourhood. We have certainly seen such fanaticism before in India (and I call it fanaticism no less). My favourite pet peeve is the inability to buy any property in Kashmir – though people would say that has nothing to do with religion but with Article 370

But , if Hindus cant buy property in Muslim areas, Muslims cant buy property in Hindu areas, Dalits cant buy land in Brahmin areas, Gujjar’s can’t but land in Marwari area (I made the last two up – but I am sure you get the drift) – and so on – then the question arises

Who Can Buy Land In India ?

Who Does This Chaos benefit ?

Answer is simple – DLF and Vadra !!! Vadra & DLF can now easily buy all the land available !

Vadra’s Reaction to Tagodia

vadra reacts to tagodias speech Vadra Reacts To Tagodias Speech


Vadra’s “Setting” With Adani

Needless to say like any smart businessman – he has a setting with the Adani’s (the reported primary financiers of the BJP) as well

Three Cheers For Robert Vadra !


Image Source: IndianExpress & IANS

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