Varanasi was not a political suicide but a masterstroke by Arvind Kejriwal. It ensured that this is one man has the guts to go that extra mile.

Avind Kejriwal, is the man of the hour with his big victory in Delhi. A rout of scales which nobody had even dreamt of, but it was done.

Arvind Kejriwal1 Varanasi : A Masterstroke By Arvind Kejriwal

However, if we rewind back to May 2014, the same man looked in all sorts of shatters. A big victory for BJP and Modi, along with a handful of seats in the Lok Sabha meant that public and media alike were questioning the logic of going head-to-head with Modi, the then messiah. The road looked long and dark for AAP. But on the ghats of Varanasi was laid the foundation for an epic political journey.

It was the boost that showed to the people the ambitions and dreams of this party and its chief. People knew from then that this man is not afraid of taking the big step. He wont back down in face of the most abject adversities.

aam aadmi party growing stature Varanasi : A Masterstroke By Arvind Kejriwal

A year down, people showed the faith in him again and this time ensured that there are no more excuses left for him to under perform. There wont be a 49 day sarkar…rather there will be 5 saal Kejriwal and AAP ki Delhi for sure.

The showdown in Varanasi is what ensured that people all over India knew that this is one man, who has the guts to go that extra mile. Modi is a phenomenon, but where Modi ends, Arvind Kejriwal probably begins.

The roads are parallel for the two now, and mutual cooperation is the need of the hour. The new age politics should spread to other parts of India, and eventually mean a cleansing of the other major political parties, and that I think would be the biggest success of AAP, if it even happens.

By: Arnav Sahay

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