Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have started showing their Italian Blood. They are insulting our highly respected Freedom Fighters.Calling Savarkar “Gaddar”??

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have started showing their Italian Blood. Now they are insulting our highly respected Freedom Fighters too. Calling Vir Savarkar “Gaddar”??

In the latest post on the social media, Congress is shown on one side Bhagat Singh and on the other, Vir Sawarkar. And in shameless comparison between both great Freedom fighters. Congress has labeled Vir Savarkar “Gaddar”.

rahul gandhi insulted savarkar Veer Savarkar.... Congress calls Gaddar??

Now this certainly is very annoying and insulting for millions of this country who worship these both  Freedom Fighters and have utmost respect for their separate roles with the common goal for the Independence of India and both had their own convictions to achieve it at their personal levels. If Sonia and Rahul do not know the history in the right perspective, they should not insult our Freedom fighters, as if these two were the part of Independence Struggle??

What do these foreigners know about India’s great Heroes who fought for the Independence of this country at their young age and gave their lives ? One of them who the Britishers were terrified was Vir Savarkar.

Calling Vir Savrkar ” A Gaddaar” is nothing but Gandhi family’s arrogance when Sonia and Rahul Gandhi do not even deserve to be in Indian politics with their personal backgrounds which are tainted. They are in reality foreigners to this country and trying to re-write India’s Freedom struggle with British Empire. They are not just dishonest but also disloyal to this country who are misleading the citizens of this country and especially the new generation by their lies about Freedom movement and Freedom fighters.

veer damodar savarkar Veer Savarkar.... Congress calls Gaddar??

I was shocked to watch the Debate on TV channel where Congress spokes person was talking nonsense and trying to prove with wrong historical references to prove how Vinayak D Savarkar was a “Traitor” and how he surrendered to British Empire for pardon and promised British authorities to help them against the Freedom struggle. What a BIG lie? This is not pardonable act committed by Gandhi family and their sycophants dancing around them insulting shamelessly our Freedom Fighters.

Are we going to take lessons from Gandhi family now to understand who was hardcore nationalist and who was Gaddar during Freedom struggle? For those who are not fully aware must know, Vir Sawarkar was a strong “Rashtra Bhakt” more than what the Gandhi family is who has no Desh Prem for this country, not even 1%. They are in India as Tourist, by default, because Rahul and Sonia belong to Nehru Indira Gandhi family, that’ s all. Just on one qualification, that is “Nehru Gandhi” name, this family is enjoying powers to serve their own political agenda which is of “Making Money” while in power. I hate to say this, but the bigger political crook is Dr Manmohan Singh who is promoting Gandhi Dynasty when in reality none from the family are qualified to hold any office. Leave any Ministerial role, just forget Prime Ministerial role.

Calling Vinayak D Savarkar a Gaddar is an insult of this entire nation because Vir Savarkar was a national level leader, freedom fighter, reformer, intellectual, writer, great lyricist, poet, and I am shocked in the parliament house.  Rahul Gandhi in his speech said something very insulting about Savarkar just last week. The foul language he used for Vir Savarkar in his speech looking at the BJP government. ” kya aapne Sawar ko uthaake fek diyaa? Uthaake fek diyaa? Uthaake fek diyaa? he repeated this abusive comment about Savarkar several times and his “Chamchaas” were giving him a round of applause every time ??

congress insults savarkar Veer Savarkar.... Congress calls Gaddar??

Has Congress reduced politics to gutter level? Today Gandhi family is calling Savarkar a Gaddar”???

For those who want to know the facts on the following some accusations by Congress, please visit the links given here to know the factual historical records. Congress has fabricated history to suit its own political agenda and that is why we were told lies for the last 6 decades or more about fake plane crash in which Subhash Chandra Bose died. Sardar Patel was not given his due respect and deserving position in Congress party. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar was not honored, he was used and misused and abused by Nehru politics and finally had to leave Congress. All these are glaring examples of our pre and post Independence history which was re-written by Historians hired by Congress.

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Our history has been intensely subject to lies, deception and fraud by our ’eminent left wing intellectual historians’.

There is nothing substantial in the claims and so much of hoopla about Savarkar’s clemency petitions.

Anyone who has read ‘My Transportation for Life’ by Savarkar will understand the hollowness of these claims.

But calling Veer Savarkar  a Gaddaar is a crime and it is not acceptable to all proud citizens of this country for whom Freedom Fighters like Veer Savarkar are Heroes, are inspirational icons and well respected Freedom Fighters who virtually threatened the Britishers to Quit India with their aggressive Independence struggle.

veer savarkar jump hjs Veer Savarkar.... Congress calls Gaddar??

Gandhi family must apologize to this Nation for their rude and arrogant comments. This can not and will not pass off without their apology to entire nation. It is not a pardonable mischief Gandhis have played.

It is going to cost them heavy because no Indian likes Freedom fighters and our Soldiers abused. NEVER EVER.

By Ajay Angre

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