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A lot of us especially the millennial often blame Lord Rama for abandoning Sita for all the wrong reasons. After all, she was his wife and he knew he was being unjust and mean to her only because of few ignorant people.

While, there are many versions to this story, here we share the various versions why Lord Ram dumped Mata Sita after eliminating Ravana in the war.

The Version of the People

According to majority of the people, Rama didn’t suspect Sita at all. However, he had to prove to the praja of Ayodha that she was indeed pure. This is the reason despite knowing the truth he asked her to enter the pyre of fire so that she could not only prove herself to the praja, but remove the doubt from their mind. So, basically, it was only for people.

Agni pariksha of sita Various Versions: Why Lord Rama Had to Abandon Sita after the War With Ravana

The Version of Tulasidas

According to this version, Lord Rama knew in advance that Ravana would try to abduct his beloved Sita. So, he request Agni dev – The God of Fire to take care of Sita and create an illusionary Sita to dodge Ravana. This is the reason why the abducted Sita was not the real Sita but just an illusion. However, post the war between Rama and Ravana, Lord Rama dumped Sita and the praja of Ayodhya realized that –

  1. Sita is indeed pureagni pariksha sita
  2. It was the illusionary Sita who had entered the fire, and the real Sita was reobtained from Agni Dev.

lord rama sita agni pariksha Various Versions: Why Lord Rama Had to Abandon Sita after the War With Ravana

The Logical Version

If Rama didn’t abandon Sita, the praja of Ayodhya would question Sita’s chastity. Her purity and character would be a talk of the town. The Lord knew they would continue to question her time and again. If he did abandon her, people would not blame Sita anymore. In fact, they would question his virtue and actions.

So, knowing about the two consequences, he decided to take the wrath on himself rather than giving people any opportunity to talk ill about his beloved wife Sita. No wonder, Lord Rama loved Mata Sita immensely more than he loved himself.

agni pariksha Various Versions: Why Lord Rama Had to Abandon Sita after the War With Ravana

By abandoning Sita, he actually protected her from unnecessary taunts and bizarre comments of the people. Instead, he took all the blame for her tribulations. It was not easy for him to leave and abandon his better half in a forest as she was the love of his life. Nevertheless, he maintained his promise and never remarried again, remembering her always by living life through her memories.

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