Watch A video in which a girl, in a sardonic tone lambastes the hypocritical outlook of the men in the country. Also, read an opinion on AIB Knockout!

Many links were submitted on our community yesterday and, quite a few of them trended well. Here are the top trending posts on our community.

Go Girl!

A video shared on our community, in which a girl, in a sardonic tone lambasted the patriarchal and hypocritical outlook of the men in the country. A thought-provoking yet immensely humorous video , it is a must watch for everybody, especially the men. Watch it.

Comparing AIB Knockout & A Girl’s Rap on Honey Singh – Indians and Their Hypocrisy! 

An opinion posted on our community that questions the people who voiced strong opposition to Honey Singh’s use of profanities but at the same time were singing praises for the open use of profanities on AIB’s Knockout show.

Traditional Baingan Bharta or roasted eggplant recipe

Who doesn’t like Baigan ka bharta or or roasted eggplant ? Check out this well illustrated and easy to make recipe of roasted eggplant, a healthy and delicious dish.

Birdman (2014): The Expected Virtue of Unrestrained Brilliance

A review of Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Oscar nominated film Birdman aka The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance. In a concise manner the author, quite skilfully, explains the very essence of the movie. The strong performances of the whole cast, especially of Michael Keaton and Edward Norton, have been aptly praised.

So these were the top trending posts on our community. Read the above posts on our community and submit your views, reviews and most importantly express your opinions here in Indiaopines.

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