A short tribute to Vidya who is mostly to play Indira in a biopic based on the leader’s life

Our very own Vidya Balan may play Indira Gandhi in a biopic to be made on the famous leader of the 70s.

Vidya Manjulika Vidya to Play Indira!

Most of you will remember her ‘unforgettable performance’ as a possessed ‘Monjulika’….

vidya balan 001 Vidya to Play Indira!

She’s definitely a great versatile actress. She can sport any attire and still carry it off with grace – here she is charming in a little red dress….

Vidya Speaks Vidya to Play Indira!

And then on National TV she goes and says the darnedest things…

Vidya Balan Vidya to Play Indira!

From The Dirty Picture to Ghar ki Bahu look…yes she’s versatile for sure.

Vidya Retro Vidya to Play Indira!

Who knows, maybe she would make a great Indira….

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