Sick of the VIP culture? Read about the #NoVIP campaign! Also, check the concept of forgiving & know about an ancient Shree Ram Temple on Indiaopines Community

Many posts were submitted on our community yesterday. Out of all the posts three articles trended the most. So here are the top trending posts.

#NoVIP : The VIP Red Beacon Madness

This post on the deep rooted VIP culture that is prevalent in the country. The special privileges accorded to the top bureaucrats and politicians have created a powerful class in our society. And this adherence to special entitlements has created this VIP culture, which promotes the notion of being superior to the common man in the minds of bureaucrats and politicians. And this culture is promulgated by ‘simpletons’ and ‘sycophants’. An opinionated post, do read it if you are fed up of standing in the queue common man while some privileged few have ‘VIP’ Privileges by virtue of ‘clearing an exam’ or ‘winning an election’.

Forgiving–Whom, When and Why

As the title suggests this post is about forgiveness. The article deals with the questions of whom to forgive, when to forgive and why to forgive. A well written article, the post presents an interesting and a positive take on the concept of Forgiveness.

Time Travel in Tulsibaug: Ancient Shree Ram Temple, Pune

A travel post on the tulsi baug area in Pune which is famous for an ancient Shree Ram temple, it perfectly describes the small town look and the old world charm of tulsibaug through words and pictures.

Check out the above mentioned articles along with other interesting posts on our community and feel free to post your own articles and opinions in the community. Engage, express and let your opinions be heard because here in IndiaOpines every opinion matters.

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