A viral video of 3 year old Mateo arguing with his mom Linda over cupcakes

Mateo Beltran – From Arguing Kid to Viral Video Sensation

“Linda, listen….listen, honey..You are are not listening to me Linda” goes Mateo when he tries to put his case for his cupcakes.

When Mateo’s mother Linda uploaded a video on Youtube where Mateo is arguing with her over cupcakes, the video not only got few clicks but it went viral, as much as 3 million hits and more than 2000 comments at the very beginning. Overnight Mateo became a sensation when his video became a viral video on the Internet.

Invitation from the Ellen Show

The debating sweet little boy soon started getting many fans including Ellen of the famous Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen, not only shared Mateo’s video on her Facebook page but also commented that she would want to see the boy in her show immediately. Further quoting that she would love to retain Mateo as her lawyer.

No, wonder the mother-son duo went on the Ellen’s Show on March 18 where Mateo received loads of cupcakes, while his mother received a cheque of $10,000.  Only a month and Mateo, a 3 year old kid in San Jose, California is already famous.

On April 19th Mateo Beltran was even featured on “Impacto en las redes” segment on Univision

Linda Honey, Honey Listen – A Franchise

Just a month, and Linda has converted the whole name, fame and recognition into business. The lady now has started selling T-shirts with quotes “Linda Honey, Honey Listen” and the fund she gets will be collected for Mateo’s college fund. Without doubt, Linda sees Mateo studying Law from Harvard Law School and arguing/debating for the needy in the future.

Viral Video Mateo Linda Cupcakes Viral Video: 3 year old Mateo and his Sweet Argument over Cupcakes

We wish Mateo All the Best!

By: Deepti Verma

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