Don’t fret. Learn how to deal with breakup the Virat Kohli style!


Breakups are not at all easy to deal with. No wonder, the phase completely rules completely over your body, both mentally as well as physically. However,  somebody is going all strong after the breakup.

Well, its none other than Virat Kohli being who is not only being positive but also trying his best to get over his ex-girlfriend the Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma.


virat kohli selfie 7 Tips By Virat Kohli on How To Deal With a Breakup!

Virat Kohli is not at all sitting down, thinking about his failure in love. Instead, he has interesting ways to come over this phase of losing love. We all know how heartbreaking a breakup is but Virat Kohli has optimistic ways to get over this. His ways are indeed inspiring for you too. Here are they:

Spend Quality Time With The Woman Of Your Life – Mom

No, Virat didn’t spend a lonely Valentine’s day weeping about his lost love Anushka Sharma though there was a buzz that he would patchup with Anushka. Instead, he spent some quality time with his first ladylove i.e his mom. No wonder, Virat also shared some adorable selfies with his mother on Instagram quoting

virat kohli selfie with mom 7 Tips By Virat Kohli on How To Deal With a Breakup!

“A beautiful morning at home with the most beautiful woman in the world. My strength my happiness my everything. My mommy the great.”

Go Fit and Healthy – Hit the Gym!

Post a breakup it is really essential that one do things that are inspiring and mitivating enough to forget the heartbreaking things of the past. Virat is doing just the right thing. The other day he posted a photo of him sipping a healthy juice with a caption.

virat kohli instagram photos 7 Tips By Virat Kohli on How To Deal With a Breakup!

“Finished my morning superfoods, fruit, nut and vegetable smoothie and off to a sunday morning practice session. Important to make everyday count.”

Groom Yourself! Love Yourself Like Never Before!

Often in a relationship, we forget taking care about ourselves, rather we neglect small things in life by concentrating on bigger things. Perhaps, Virat was doing the same thing. No wonder, now the Punjabi munda is living his life by posting selfies, dancing like there us no tommorrow in parties (Remember how he partied hard in Angad Bedi’s birthday party)

virat kohli gym photos 7 Tips By Virat Kohli on How To Deal With a Breakup!
Stay Busy – Concentrate on Your Work!

Recently, we saw how Deepika Padukone congratulated Virat Kohli for joining the Tissot family. Yes, Virat Kohli it seems is busy signing deals and contracts. He is the new ambassador of Tissot. This is what his recent tweet stated –

virat kohli tissot 7 Tips By Virat Kohli on How To Deal With a Breakup!

“Anddddd its official. Iam honoured and privileged to be the new brand ambassador of Tissot, one of the most renowned and respected swiss watch company’s in the world. Feel grateful they found me worthy of being their new face!”


Makes Some Time for your Closest Buddies!

Virat is seen spending good time with his friends. Here is one of his Instagram pic with caption 

virat kohli friends 7 Tips By Virat Kohli on How To Deal With a Breakup!

From last night. Had a great time catching up with my closest friends. Grateful for such wonderful people in my life. . #friendsforlife #grateful

Do Things Which You Love To Do

Like appreciating the real beauty as Virat describes – 

virat kohli endorsement 7 Tips By Virat Kohli on How To Deal With a Breakup!

The new audi R8 . Its a BEAUTY. Iam blown away. What a brilliant machine. And so stunning as well. #audi#beauty#beast. 

Stay Cool!

While, Virat Kohli is known for being agressive, post breakup we have seen his cool side. He is dealing the breakup bravely and also staying mum about the whole affair. This is the reason when he was asked about his breakup during a media interaction, he smartly quoted, “I am not a relationship counsellor”

virat kohli smiling pics 7 Tips By Virat Kohli on How To Deal With a Breakup!
Nevertheless, Virat Kohli is really dealing well with his break-up. And while doing so, he is also motivating thousand others who are sailing through the same ship. Wondering whether he’ll inspire Anushka Sharma as well?

Image Source: Virat Kohli Instagram

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