From Anushka Sharma, Izbelle, Tammana to Sanjana and Sarah Jane Dias – Know the love-affairs of Virat Kohli in past 5 years

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have ended their lovey-dovey relationship. Though we heard that Virat would try to woo the lady back, buzz is that Virat is back to his earlier self. Yes, back to being crazy, chilling out with friends and enjoying life as he did in the past.

Virat Kohli was Heard Saying – “I’m Single Let’s Dance”

In fact, recently in Angad Bedi’s birthday party in a Mumbai nightclub, Virat Kohli was so happy that he greeted everybody in the party and said, “I’m single, let’s dance.” Looks like Virat Kohli has already moved on from the past no matter whatever the reason of the breakup was.

virat kohli dance Is Virat Kohli a Womaniser?

No wonder, the bachelor enjoys a lot of female attention. This is what he once said in an interview –

“It undoubtedly feels nice when you are being appreciated and you get complimented by girls. Who doesn’t like that? Having said that, I don’t take it as any pressure.” he added.

He Has Been Linked to Many Models in the Past

Virat Kohli is known for his flirtatious character. The Delhi-born cricketer has been in rumoured relationships with many models and actress in the past prior to his relationship with Anushka Sharma. This is the reason why many people didn’t believe that the cricketer wouldn’t end up marrying the actress with enticing past behind him.

virat kohli love affairs Is Virat Kohli a Womaniser?

Here we share few of his past relationships:

Virat Kohli Earlier Dated a Brazilian Model Turned Actress

When Anushka was busy dating Ranveer Singh, Virat wasn’t single either. The cricketer was dating a Brazilian model Izabelle Leite. The relationship lasted for 2 years. The couple were often spotted in each other’s company. Interestingly, Virat even wrote “Te Amoo” to her which means “I Love you”.

virat kohli izabelle brazilian gf Is Virat Kohli a Womaniser?

It is said that the two met in a party and soon bonded well. They became friends and started dating. The couple was even seen dating in Singapore. No wonder, they became a hot topic for every gossip magazine.

When the actress who was seen in two movies recently – ‘Sixteen’ and ‘Purani Jeans’ was asked whether she dated Sidharth Malhotra, the girl quickly said that Sidharth is just a friend but she did date Virat Kohli who is now her friend.

Virat Kohli’s Affair with Tammana

If you have already noticed the names and photod of all the girls that he has dated you might have appreciated his luck. No wonder,  all of his past girlfriends are indeed very beautiful. Tamanna, the South beauty is also no exception.

The relationship between the two.started when the two shot for the Celkon Advertisements just the way how it clicked between Anushka and Virat when the couple shot an ad for Head & Shoulders. Virat and Tammana dated for a year in 2012. However, it ended soon as  Virat met Izabelle Leite and she became the reason behind the break-up.

Virat Kohli and Sanjana

Before Tamanna, he dated the Kannada actress Sanjana. He enjoyed plaing Tennis and going for long drive with her.

virat kohli sanjana affair Is Virat Kohli a Womaniser?

Virat Kohli and Sarah Jane Dias

Virat was also lined to Sarah Jane, the model turned Miss India turned VJ turned actor. Though Sarah denied the rumors.

sarah jane dias wallpaper  Is Virat Kohli a Womaniser?

Looks like, our Test captain loves changing his girlfriends in one or 2 years. We won’t be surprised if we hear another linkup of Virat Kohli soon in the coming days.

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