We have over a billion people and still many of us suffer from blindness. Let’s say “eye-can”

A “FlowerPoint Presentation” on Corneal Philanthropy…

India is observing its 30th National Eye Donation from Aug-25 to Sep-8, 2015. Millions of Indians are afflicted with corneal blindness, which can be treated with corneas donated from cadavers. Here are some attention-worthy thoughts on corneal philanthropy, primed for a “FlowerPoint Presentation” before your mind’s eye during this “iFortnight”:

  • Eyes are for illumination, not elimination; burn them not, bury them not – bequeath them lovingly to the needy and waiting blind.
  • Let the eye not end up as dust or ash; let it last beyond the last breath, and then start a fresh life and see an all-new world through another person.
  • Eyes are designed to see this world. Why carry them to the after-world? Indeed, “Why scorch a lamp that can glow on and enter life-giving light into a dark vital spot?”

donate eyes Visioning an “I Do” Nation

  • Two good eyes can open even as two eyes shut for good. Never say “die” and “goodbye” to the eyes of the dead.
  • Can there be a greater “parting gift” than a pair of corneas?
  • Turn those “departing” corneas away from the funeral spots – and reconnect them double-quick to the next waiting eye-pods.
  • Eyes know no retirement. Nature desires them to serve on and enable vision in the blind. It would love this nobly reversed kind of “eye for an eye” reciprocation for its pivotal gift of sight.
  • Listen closely to the million-strong “eye-scream” drowned in the din of the billion-strong “I-scream.” Turn the blind eye into a seeing one, with cornea donation.
  • Lighten the plight of the sightless. Enlighten the sighted about the delight of light alighting into night-blighted eyes, with donor corneas.

Eye Donation India Visioning an “I Do” Nation

Come to think of it, isn’t it rather strange that with over a billion couples of eyes all around, a couple of millions still languish “corneally-disadvantaged” in India? Come, let’s say “Aye!” and pledge to donate the Eye in a billion-voice chorus!  Let’s build our own Eye-Fi network, scatter good light and the good word of eye-donation, and shatter all blind beliefs against it. Let India mean two high-power eyes in perfect accord, and not two “His/Her I-nesses” eyeballing each other in perpetual discord! Jai Hind!

By S.G. Seetharam

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