The voice of my soul, Started feeling a presence. And the choice of the greater good, Played a part in life’s essence.

dreams visions Visions of the Greater Good

Summer nights,
Crazy days.
Traded into the darkness,
Dressed with grace.

Walked up to an old ferryman,
While he stared at my spirit.
The boat he sailed on,
Had a secret sailing with it.

He asked for a bribe,
To take me across.
Said it was judgement,
That I had to deal with the boss.

So I smiled,
Didn’t know I was cursed.
The thought I’ve been thinking,
Was the sound of a sudden burst.

We sailed the mighty Styx,
With souls as the drops that make the ocean.
As treacherous shouts redden the skies,
The clouds blew whispers in the commotion.

The energy here,
Was utterly negative.
Fear and losing your mind,
Just added to the collection.

The journey lasted days together,
As the eyelids grew close.
Days and nights were long,
History didn’t matter.

My mind told me lies,
My eyes played games.
Only option left,
Was succumbing to these tastes.

The screams of a billion,
At some point faded into a melody.
Their pain slowly disappeared,
For a second there was perfect harmony.

We arrived the 7th layer,
Facing a large stone bird.
I knew it was time to get off,
As the ferryman didn’t utter a word.

His look was enough,
To feed countless thoughts with decisions.
The stone bird was more than a sight,
It was an indication.

An indication towards the fact,
That we could have wings.
But still be bound,
To something as silly as nothing.

A figure slowly appeared,
From the ruins of an ancient temple.
Curious as I was,
I asked if he could help me a little.

The grin on his pale face,
As he looked through my soul.
Said he waited a long long time,
To welcome me to this hole.

His voice sounded,
Like the earth falling apart.
With his eyes filled with flames of glory,
He read out my black marks.

Rubbing his pointed chin,
He offered me a deal.
If I’d spread the message of his kindness,
He’d let me take my leave.

It was a master plan,
Keeping in mind my reputation.
My apologies to refuse,
I will not accept this compensation.

He was angry,
And wished I’d burn.
But I was protected,
By the man above.

The skies slowly cleared,
From blood paints to blue sheets.
He vanished, dragging along his book,
Into the depths of the cool breeze.

I was saved,
As I’d been forgiven.
The mercy showed,
Was merely for my decision.

The voice of my soul,
Started feeling a presence.
And the choice of the greater good,
Played a part in life’s essence.

By: Akshay Francis

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