The greenery that had once so charmingly and enthrallingly adorned the Mother is being robbed off everyday. Do we care ?

“Behind the thickets and the thick greens,

Coming down from the bend in the hills,

Lay the gentle quiet stream

Thick grass went right up till its banks

And leafy boughs hung low on its flanks,

A water hen with her chicks glided upstream

And myriad birds sang many a dream


One could lie on the grass by its side,

Or dangle feet in water sparkling in light,

And be soothed in soft melodious lores,

With memories swept to distant shores

After thirty years I visited the place again,

And found instead a barren dusty drain,

With bulldozers smashing and spades hurling,

Where once had lain the gentle stream”

By Sanjay Kumar Singh at indiaopines blog

The poem was originally published here

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