From Thought provoking article on magazine award to an open letter to Kiran Bedi & a taste of art through Doodles – check out the top posts on IndiaOpines Community

We had quite a few links posted on the Community yesterday. Posts included opinions and interesting political as well as non-political blog posts from our regular contributors. These following articles were the top trending posts on our community.

So Vogue Is ‘Magazine of the Year!’

Come January and every other guy organizes glamorous parties and Nights for our much derided Film industry where awards are fixed just like our cricket matches, yet in India we do not have any National Magazine award. Why? Read the article where the author give us a much needed food for thought on the issue.

Who Will Win Delhi

The Delhi elections has already created lot of buzz.  Different TV channels have conducted surveys and polls. Check out the poll results and also the people’s verdict. The question still remains – Who will win the Delhi election? #AbKiBaarBediSarkar? or #KejriwalDobara?

Banning Of Communism

Describing the negativity of Communism along with its dark past, Dr. Debajyoti Das Gupta opines that step of banning communism in EU is desirable, but the process must be democratic, transparent & peaceful.

An Open Letter to First Lady IPS

14 year old Akshat Tyagi in his letter to Kiran Bedi ask her paanch sawal i.e. 5 questions. From her double standards, to her self-obsession, the writer digs into Bedi’s glorious past and reminds her once again why the nation is disappointed. Nevertheless, he concludes the letter by giving her ample time to sit and think on what went wrong, and why the people’s opinion changed about her over time.

D For Doodles

Check out a collection of  beautiful doodles – a spectacular piece of art to brighten up your day!

Those were the top trending posts on the community. Don’t forget to read them and post your own articles and opinions on our community in IndiaOpines.

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