How much are we at fault for the corrupt and non transparent governance we are burdened with? As citizens we need to start making more informed choices when we cast our vote.

My dear fellow citizens of the country, I wish all of you to truthfully consider my appeal . For the past 60 odd years, the Indian democracy has been nurtured by many of our forefathers at various capacities and through political parties but the net result is that today we are one of the poorest countries of the World with corruption being very high among most of the administrators, police personnel, legal profession, fourth estate personnel, entrepreneurs, politicians etc.
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Most of the present lot of politicians are highly undisciplined – State Assemblies & Parliament are run as though they are “Family Properties” or worse a “One man company” , giving us the feeling that are we not fit to be democratic or that democracy is meant only for a very few. The above cancerous situation has grown over the years because of the “indifference” displayed by most of us. In any country over a period of time it can be proved that the most “Crooked” among the population always become the rulers but at least the other stake holders are righteous and morally correct because of which the nations have been able to sustain and grow.

Now because of the greed cultivated by the market regime in the country the cancer of corruption has spread deep into all the pockets and now nothing moves without bribes. Everywhere people have been elected not because of their capability or worthiness but mostly because of caste, creed, religion, party affiliation, money power etc. In the process we are regularly filling our assemblies & parliament with worthless, in-disciplined, immoral and corrupt people. We cannot expect any great change in the functioning unless we change our way of supporting people. There is no difference in policies and execution of any of the parties and it has been nurtured so much that it has become almost impossible for anybody to run this country with new concepts and rules as was seen in Delhi.

I am not supporting anybody or any party but please do not caste your vote for any party, instead vote for the most righteous, morally strong, disciplined and non / less corrupt & above all a younger person from any party. This might surely have short term pain (because of the structure of our democracy) as witnessed recently but in the long run would surely reap us gains because there would be more good people in the parliament and assemblies, who will really care and work for the poor and downtrodden in the country. Also this will enable us to select people more on merits rather than parents popularity, caste, creed, religion etc.Nowadays we find a trend in the Indian Democracy where some highly corrupt families have a feeling that irrespective of anything, they are fit to be the Chief Ministers & Prime Minister. It is required to change this at least now, if not neither our children nor our fore fathers or freedom fighters will pardon us. Kindly all cast your vote and while doing so consider my appeal in all earnestness. With best wishes for a “Corrupt Free” and “Disciplined” democracy which would take care of the interests of all.

By H Mahadevan

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