Mamata Banerjee’s latest snarky comment just goes to show the real motives of the power hungry Third Front

I just heard what Mamata Banerjee said in the press. She said, it will remain Modi’s ‘fantasy’ only to become the Prime Minister of India.

Did you notice one common factor between these leaders who are hoping Narendra Modi does not become PM of this country to make it ‘stable’? All those are hoping to form the Third Front; And all have a deep desire to become Prime Minister themselves.You know all these leaders like Mamata Banerjee, Sharad Pawar, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Nitish Kumar and Jaylalitha are all aspiring to become the Prime Minister in Third Front or their Federal Front they call it. They are all strong claimants for Prime Ministership IF and when their Federal Front comes to power. That day country will be doomed  for certain.

How It Will All Go Down

They all think that it is only Narendra Modi who is in their way to victory so they target him. And if you notice, all of them are talking along the same lines. Sharad Pawar likens Modi to Hitler. Modi is only dreaming to become the PM, says Nitish Kumar. Mayawati pipes in and says, it will only remain a dream though. Mamata Banerjee, calls it more of a unattainable fantasy of Modi’s to rule the nation. Mulayam Singh Yadav, ever articulate, says his dream will never realize till secular forces are present in the country. These are all opportunists in Indian politics who are only waiting for a HUNG Parliament Result on 16th May. Then they can play their political game. But the voters are now smart. They will not allow that to happen.

These all self serving leaders including Arvind Kejriwal and will become politically active until and on 16th May to keep Modi and BJP out. Because, all of them are sure that if the BJP comes to power and Modi becomes the Prime Minister, their loot will stop and their shops will close down. So, they will come together on their fake secular card to cobble-up the government. There will be buying of elected members while small political parties will hike their price tags. Black money will be heavily used and this is where the Corruption will start in politics of the biggest electoral democracy.

Congress then will give them outside support cunningly, knowing well, that all these regional parties can not last very long and will soon collapse on its face. And who will do it? Congress will topple Third Front. This will be Congress’ game exactly like it was orchestrated in Delhi with AAP.

Only the Voters Can Bring Change

But as a concerned citizen of India, I want to know, are these leaders keeping national interest all above their self serving political motives?The answer to this is NO. NOT AT ALL. They don’t care if India is in politically, economically and commercially weak position. For all of them to grab POWER is the name of the game. But certainly not for the citizens of India. We want a stable government in the center. Third Front means shaky government at the center. A Fragile government which can destabilize India, Indian economy and worse, national security of the country. Again, with all the ambitious leaders in third front, it can collapse anytime if one party threatens to pullout. Then national Elections again? And at whose cost? Who pays for election expense? The tax payer. And who is going to suffer? The country.

If these selfish leaders do not understand this, they are not only selfish but they should be called anti national who are only interested in serving their own political interests. But coming to power at any cost is the ultimate goal for them. There is no consideration for the interest of the country. They can not be taken seriously for their self centered political approach which can result into destruction of this country. We must make sure our vote goes to stable India, good governance and development. Whoever we vote for, giving absolute majority for changing India is the need of the hour to save India from communal and corrupt politics.

We have experienced Congress’ corrupt governance in the last ten long years. We should not give another chance to Congress or the Third Front to mess up with our country. It is up to all of us how we vote this time. We must vote for INDIA. We must give one Term to BJP to CHANGE all of this for good governance, development and corruption free administration.

By Ajay Angre

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