Do you think voting for NOTA is the correct alternative – What if  your negative vote gives a way to the worst candidate & reduces the chance of the lesser evil?

Scene I

Many of the voters in India wants to see a certain party at the center,  say X. However, let’s assume, unfortunately the party X is not at all standing from his/her area, but the party’s alliance say X’. Now, this alliance of the voter’s preferred party always get on the voter’s nerve. On the other hand, there is another candidate from the opposition party let’s say Y who is doing quite a good job in their constituency and is of course a better choice than the voter’s favorite party’s alliance. 

(I’m sure many of the people living in Mumbai and across Maharashtra will fall in this dilemma just like me where Congress Alliance NCP and BJP Alliance Shiv Sena rules major constituencies.)

In such a scenario, which option will the voter choose? The party which he/she backs? The lesser evil or  the tension free NOTA?

Scene II

Now, let’s assume another case, where the voter has made up his mind to vote for NOTA – either because there is no contestant from his/her party or because he/she thinks “None of the above” option is better than wasting the vote. Mind you there are many who actually fall in this category which is why you see me tweeting RJ Malishka, the youth ambasaddor of the Election Commission in the Mumbai area.

But the question is whether voting for “NOTA” isn’t wasting a vote too, since there will be no re-election?

Let’s assume if 100 vote goes to NOTA and only 10 votes to a certain candidate A, and rest all the candidates gets below 10, then this candidate “A” will be declared as a winner from your constituency. Your daredevil act of voting for NOTA will rather become a shameful act. On the other hand, the same candidate whom you sidelined while now become a baazigar – No wonder, Bollywood movies have taught has that, “haar ke jitne waale ko baazigar kehte hai”

And then once again, the melodrama will start. What if, a certain party by the virtue of NOTA makes a government in a certain state. Don’t you think that’s possible going by the “I will Vote for NOTA” talks everywhere from social media, roadside tea-stall, college canteen and where not.

election2 Why Voting for NOTA Is Voting for the Wrong Candidate?

Voting for NOTA isn’t a Good Option for India

However, at the same time, what if we analyze the better alternative from the lot and vote for them – don’t you think the condition will be better? While, most of the political parties are campaigning – “Vote for Me, Vote for Me” while the activists “Vote for India”, I would say for a change let’s be a bit selfish and “Vote for Ourselves” this time by not choosing NOTA but the lesser evil from the constituency where you reside in.

Till the time India plans for a re-election in case of NOTA, voting for NOTA is totally useless. I still, don’t understand why they bestow us with a favor of NOTA when it is worthless.

I have heard from various sources and places that we cannot afford re-elections, my question is – “Can we afford a non-competent person to sit in the parliament and be an integral member of the laws that are passed on us?” or “Can we afford the ghotals that this person will do in his tenure of 5 years in his glorious 5 years?”

Well, we certainly cannot afford to vote for NOTA.. Yet again, we the aam junta have to do a jhugaad although we do not wish to….And that is, not to vote for NOTA but for the lesser evil till India decides to change the NOTA thing completely.

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