Ministers in India are privileged and powerful enough to undervalue the time-worth of ‘aam aadmi’ in order to value their so-precious time.

Don’t we all should aspire to be a minister than a doctor or an engineer? Do mull over this question, for being a minister in India privilege you with scores of benefits. And moreover, unlike the profession of doctor, you need not strain your eyes and brain with over dose of books to be a minister in India. Then why aim for ‘main doctor banunga’, rather say ‘mai minister banunga’.

It was a day back when the MPs recommended for 100% price hike in their salary and 70% in pension. After what our so damn VVIPs did to board flights, with not even a smidgen of remorse, these MPs cared only to serve their own interests.

vvip Rijiju Airways? Fadnavis Airways? Are These Coming Up?

No matter what others says, Maharashtra CM sticks to his innocence

Fadnavis1 Rijiju Airways? Fadnavis Airways? Are These Coming Up?

Maharashtra CM was entangled in the controversy of delaying the Air India flight from Mumbai to New York on June 29. When a chain of criticisms was linked with his name, not-withstanding his fury, he tweeted “Enough is enough. Once I’m back to India I will initiate proceedings of criminal defamation”.

Kiren Rijiju who finds himself as innocent as a baby-bottle-infant

Whom is this Union Minister trying to befool and befuddle?

kiren rijju Rijiju Airways? Fadnavis Airways? Are These Coming Up?

“I am not aware that any passenger was de-boarded to accommodate us in the Air India flight. It is illegal to de-board a bonafide passenger and cause unnecessary trouble,” said Rijiju.

Does he expect the ‘aam’ public to get manipulated with his deceit-filled words? But dear sir, we’re not any more a baby-bottle-infant.

Don’t-know-what muster them with this not-well-timed courage to demand for salary hike when normal public continues to suffer.

A few questions whose answers every ‘aam’ minds hunt for

Why not do something about farmers who every other day choose to kill themselves?

Why not pay heed to OROP (One Rank, One Pension) scheme and uplift the status of those bravadoes dying for the protection of our country?

Why not do anything about the downtrodden below-poverty-line people swaying between near-to-death and death?

Why not kindle the concern for those pencil-deserving hands unfortunately destined to rag-packets?

These are some trivial questions in Indian politics finding space only in the pages of newspaper and blogs. Right?

By Prerna Daga

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