Know the list of wars that Maharana Pratap fought before and after Haldighati!

Maharana Pratap, the brave warrior of Rajputana had fought lots of battles before warring against the troop of the mighty Mughal Emperor Akbar. While, most of Maharana Pratap’s history is connected to his struggle during or after the Haldighati episode, here I’ll focus on his effective battles which he fought before and after Haldighati, starting from his first battle.

Maharana Pratap at Udaipur Wars That Maharana Pratap Fought Before & After Haldighati

The First Battle Against the Vagadiya Chouhans

Maharana Pratap started his career as a warrior by repressing the Vagadiya Chauhans. The battle took place at the banks of River Som . The battle was won by Maharana Pratap and Karansi, the close relative of Rana Sanwaldas was killed in the battle. This victory of Pratap not only rose Pratap to fame but also brought majority of the Vagad area in Mewar.

maharana pratap Wars That Maharana Pratap Fought Before & After Haldighati

Defeating the Rathors

Maharana Pratap’s coronation was not easy and effortless despite being the elder son of his father Udai Singh II. However, his noblemen made sure that he becomes the King and not Jagamal, his brother from another mother who according to the will of Udai Singh II had claim to be the next heir and Maharana of Mewar.

Maharana Pratap With Chetak Horse Wars That Maharana Pratap Fought Before & After Haldighati

Nevertheless, Pratap became the Maharana and soon defeated the Rathors and acquired the Chappan region of Marwar. This was his first battle after he became the Maharana.

Re-Capturing Gogunda

Gogunda and Kumbhalmer were the two main centers from where Pratap ruled the Mewar region. While, many of the rulers submitted themselves to Akbar, Pratap did not in spite of regular persuasion from Raja Man Singh, Raja Bhagwandas and even Raja Todar Mal. This led to the battle of Haldighati in June 1576, and then the capture of Gogunda by the Mughal troops.

While staying in the fort of Kumbhagarh, Maharana Pratap entered Gogunda through a small village Kolyari and recaptured it by forcing the Mughals to flee from his place. Mandana Kumpawat was then positioned there for Gogunda’s protection.

Maharana Pratap 11 Sons War Wars That Maharana Pratap Fought Before & After Haldighati

Attack By Akbar

During October 1576, Akbar stayed one whole month in Mewar in search of Pratap along with Raja Bhagwandas, his son Man Singh and Kutubddin Khan. However, the moment Pratap knew about this, he left Gogunda and then he could not be traced by Mughal troops. Disheartened, the Mughal Emperor had to head off to Agra all over again.

Maharana Pratap Haldighati Wars That Maharana Pratap Fought Before & After Haldighati

Re-Capture of Diwer

After Shah Baz Khan captured Kumbhalgarh fort, Gogunda and Udaipur all over again, Maharana Pratap with the financial support of Bhama Shah tropped towards the Chappan mountains from Banswara. This area was under the control of Sultan Khan from the Mughal army.

Maharana Pratap Wars That Maharana Pratap Fought Before & After Haldighati

Here, in this battle Amar Singh, son of Maharana Pratap came face to face against Sultan Khan. Amar Singh’s spear pierced not only Sultan Khan’s chest but also his horse, killing both of them. Maharana Pratap then captured Diwer. Soon the areas of Chappan, Bagad and Chavand was also captured by Maharana Pratap and his troops.

Maharana Pratap all through his life could easily dodge all the Mughal officers that came behind him even the mighty Shah Baz Khan. Maharana Pratap’s virtue was so strong that he could even win the heart of Abdur Rahim KhanKhana who was sent to capture him by his values. Unfortunately, his stubborn of not submitting to the Mughals was only limited to him because Amar Singh neither could war against Mughals nor had the mindset to go against them, ultimately signing a treaty in the Mughal favor.

By: Deepti Verma

Image Source:  Maharana Pratap Paintings, Maharana Pratap

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