Big Boss will be back on Sunday with a bang again. Let’s discuss what other factors except Salman Khan makes viewers crazy for Big Boss.

The same old debate is once again doing the rounds as Big Boss is about to launch its latest edition this Sunday.

bigg boss set 4 Why Do We Watch Big Boss?

Everyone pretends he/she is not interested in watching a bunch of brats imprisoned in a home doing nothing but bitching, shouting and abusing each others when not plotting and scheming.

But within 10 days the most common topic of discussion in private parties, the buses and metros and trains are the happenings in the Big Boss.

Why is the programme so addictive? Salman Khan is a major draw but is he the only one? He appears only twice a week in full form  and on other days he is just an anchor uttering a few lines and walking away.

The Big Boss has become a medium to transform ordinary, slightly notorious/lovable personalities into celebrities. There is no clear-cut formula as for becoming a winner and the suspense continues till the last episode.

salman bigboss 8 Why Do We Watch Big Boss?


That is of course the main attraction that keeps viewers glued to their TV sets because opinions of each family member differ on this point.

But the show continues to draw eye-balls every time because of the love interest in the programme. Even though experience has shown that most of the time the love interest is over within a month of their leaving the show but as long as it last it attracts viewership, the more the better.

Only second to this, even moré for some viewers the fights and the shouting match become the TRP of the show even if that personality is as repulsive as Dolly Bindra or Raja.

And once such elements start their slanging match many family members especially the woman of the house start making their guesses as to who would become the peace maker of the show.

Ultimately by the second month or so the viewers start having pity on the inmates who have been held captive in a house without a TV, phone connection or any other source of entertainment.

big boss contestants Why Do We Watch Big Boss?

In the absence of all these modern gadgets they look for shoulders to cry on for their past deeds or sob stories. Their achievements however highly acclaimed before the show are forgotten by the time the show reaches mid-way and the inmates look like pawns in the hands of the Big Boss.

By the time the show is about to end all that the viewers remember are the tears , tantrums and tempers of the characters who have gone too far ahead to return to sanity.

And of course the cherry on the desert are the charming acts of Salman Khan who remains as popular as ever who ever the contestants.

big boss salman khan Why Do We Watch Big Boss?

By Amitabh Srivastava

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