Watch Nidhi Razdan Getting Slapped By Gardiner

Unless you have been living under a rock – you must be aware that NDTV is a pro-Congress channel.  They had left no stone un-turned in gunning for the Aam Aadmi Party prior to the previous elections. Of course, what goes around , comes around.

nidhi razdan Watch Nidhi Razdan Getting Slapped By Gardiner

Nidhi Razdan – would probably wish she did not ever do this interview ( some time ago). She tried to “walk” the British MP Gardiner to chastize Modi, but instead “got slapped around and how“. At the end , she was just seen purring “Democracy, Democracy and how Democracy allows us to even disagree with the Supreme Courts” – with nothing much tangible to add or say

Watch the interview to decide for yourself.


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