While the freedom of media is obviously desirable, it needs to be checked that the media as an institution remains honest and unbiased.

In a democracy the interest of the people  reflects in its media, which feels its pulse and pursues it in its earnest manner forever in full alert. The people believe them and pay them their hard-earned money and give them the power to enter any department of the government machinery with accreditation so that they report to the people about the honesty of the government they choose.
Indian Newspapers1 300x225 WATCHDOG: To Save People From Media
But the people were cheated and dishonoured by a part of the media which took  bribes from agencies and parties, spread false news and indulged in biased coverages. These people are treacherous to the citizens of this nation. Some stringent laws must be enacted against the news channels and news papers for their biased coverages to save the democracy of any country, in the interest of the people of the world.

There should be stringent laws against the news agencies that habitually get involved in biased coverages of the events of national importance and act against the interest of the Nation. This law should come under Jan Lokpal with a body consisting of honoured and respectful citizens that the people choose from among them. Such people of eminence must be chosen by the  people directly for the Lokpal. . Government and the parties should have no choice in choosing and selecting the body of the WATCHDOG: The Jan Lokpal.

By Drfazl

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Image Source: By Shajankumar (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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