Corrupted are We, the citizens. How can we pinpoint government then?

Are we really tired of corruption which is considered as a stigma in our society? If your answer is yes, then i would suggest you to think again. In a country where majority is youth , who are full of rage over issues like reservations, violence against woman and of course corruption. We are in the habit of criticizing government for each and everything but what about us? Are we seriously interested in eradicating corruption? I think we aren’t. Anna Hazare led a mass movement to enact THE LOKPAL AND LOKAYUKTAS BILL, people gathered to support him in large numbers to show their interest in eradicating the corruption and somehow with some changes government enacted THE LOKPAL AND LOKAYUKTA BILL on 18 dec 2013.

anna hazare Arent We Ourselves The Fountain Of Corruption?

newswala i anna hazare medha patkar demonstrate against land acquisition ordinance jantar mantar new delhi hs 1 Arent We Ourselves The Fountain Of Corruption?
Now nobody bothers why lokpal is still not appointed and why the government is not showing interest in appointment of Lokpal. Even we the people of india do not see corruption as a crime when we bribe government officials to get things done in haste. We do not want the option of bribing to fade away when we want to get things done as per our comfort zone. As long as we will be involved in corruption, we can’t make government accountable and the whole idea of prevention from corruption will remain as a PIPE DREAM.
bribing Arent We Ourselves The Fountain Of Corruption?
 By Upendra Tripathi
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