Wedding Lehenga – it is important that you are aware of the bygone trends, which should not be repeated, and the latest trends, which should be followed

The most important outfit in a girl’s life would probably be her wedding lehenga. It is the most complicated and difficult decisions to take when deciding the designer, the color combinations and the style. You keep in mind that this lehenga should be remembered by all present in the wedding. Also, your pictures in this outfit will be seen and cherished by your family and friends after the wedding. So, it is important that you are aware of the bygone trends, which should not be repeated, and the latest trends, which should be followed.

wedding lehenga Wedding Lehenga Trends You Should Know!

Here is some expert advice for you about wedding lehengas:

The color of the wedding lehenga has been quite surprising over the past 2 years, as designers have really experimented from the patent red or maroon. It also depends on the kind of wedding you are having, a Hyderabadi or Punjabi or Bengali, depending on your caste or your partner’s. Also, it depends on the time of the day, you are having the wedding, morning or evening or night. So, your decision about the color is not just based on you personal taste, but also on other important factors.

wedeing lehenga 1 Wedding Lehenga Trends You Should Know!

The latest color trends are elegant combinations are pink and orange, mint green and gold, gold and silver, a unique trio of red, orange and gold. For day weddings, colors like yellow, baby pink, pastel shades of colors look appropriate. You should definitely not go for colors like Purple, brown, hot pink, deep orange shades. You don’t want to look like an alien on your wedding day, so avoid going totally out of box because that could result in some strong mood swings after you see your wedding pictures.

wedding designer lehenga 2 Wedding Lehenga Trends You Should Know!

Don’t shy away from your mother ‘s lehenga. If you have a family legacy of wearing your mother’s bridal outfit, then give it a shot. You can get it redesigned by showing it to a designer and doing some plus or minus. Kareena Kapoor wore Sharmila Tagore’s wedding outfit after getting it redesigned according to her style.

kareena kapoor lehenga Wedding Lehenga Trends You Should Know!

Now, talking about the style of draping of the wedding outfit, it should totally be dependent upon the kind of lehenga and how heavy is your chunni. One good way is to take a two-way duppatta, in which, the heavy duppatta is on your shoulders and the light chunni is on the head. This is because; the lehenga’s chunni is sometimes so heavy that brides don’t find it comfortable to keep it on their head for a couple of hours.

Another way is to take one end of the duppatta on one hand or tuck in the end of the duppatta to your waist. You should never compromise your comfort and convenience on your wedding day. This is one day in your life you would want to remember and you don’t want to crib the whole time complaining about the heaviness of the chunni or the sticky embroidery.

aishwarya rai wedding lehenga Wedding Lehenga Trends You Should Know!

After you spend some “x” lakhs on your lehenga, you keep it in a box while, thinking that one fine day, you will wear this again.  Do you realize that amount could have been a better investment if you would have deposited the same money in a bank, gaining some interest on it? But, honestly, don’t let your money go for a waste by throwing it in the closet.  You can get some worth out of it only if it is designed with some smart loopholes.

When you decide your wedding day outfit, you should ask your designer to give you some options of what can be done with that after you’ve worn it on your wedding. If the choli is too heavy, it can be attached to a plain anarkali. Or, if the lehenga has too much embroidery work, some work can be detached, making it lighter so that you can wear it with a plain choli.

fashionable lehenga Wedding Lehenga Trends You Should Know!

Also, the can-can, a frill of net under your lehenga, which gives it the required bounce, should be detachable making it look less fluffy. There are many other ways also which an expert can guide you better on making use of your wedding lehenga post the wedding.

By: Vidhi Sagar

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