Having problem in weight loss? Know the reasons why you are not losing weight

Today we tackle the misconceptions or misinformation. I have time and again received questions, from my readers, about how their efforts do not translate into weight loss. Below the the ten reasons I can think of why that might be happening:

why youre still not losing weight From The Blogs : 10 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

1. All cardio, no strength

Women often spend, 80% of their workout time on a cardio machine (treadmill, elliptical, etc.) and give a meagre 20% to weight/strength training. Switch that and you will see quick result. Weights do not make you bulky or muscular. Instead not only does it prevent injury by strengthening the joints, but it also builds muscle mass and increases metabolic rate.

2. No accountability

You overestimate your calorie burn and/or your calorie in take. You assume that because you are opting for healthier food options and working-out it is a reason enough to over indulge. Write things down or even better download an app (my favorite: myfitnesspal) and feed your daily activity and food and track your progress daily.

3. No Food Planning

To keep a lid on how much you eat, plan each day’s food consumption. Know when you’ll eat, and how much. Don’t snack not on cookies and candy, instead on high in protein, natural foods such as nuts, raisins, quinoa – because they help keep you feeling full for a long time.

4. Same old routine 

You do not switch your workouts and rely on the same routine day-in-day-out. Newsflash: Your body has got accustomed to your workout and is not challenging it enough to make a difference. It is good to mix things up and try and do different activity everyday. Or at least every week. Aerobics, dance, yoga, spinning, body pump, etc. to your workout routine to maximize your results.

5. Lack of sleep

Research shows that people who stay up late tend to eat more high-fat and high-calories foods than those who tuck in earlier. Seven hours of sleep is necessary for anyone.

6. Inconsistency

If you don’t workout regularly, you do not see results. Consistency is the key! There is no way around hard work. Every body works differently. Personally, I see results 2-3 weeks later. For example, if I am regular with my workout and clean eating throughout this week, I will see result three weeks later, aka first week of April. And if I fall of the bandwagon before that I will never see results. You do the maths.

7. Excessive Snacking

Bad news: exercise makes you want to eat more—but of course, you shouldn’t! Most of us grossly overestimate the number of calories we burn during out workout. The good news: high-intensity workouts help contain your appetite. Hence, pick up the pace and decrease food cravings. #2 & #3 will also come in handy to solve this problem!

8. Sedentary Lifestyle

Just working out might not be enough, if your remaining of the day is stationary or is spent on a chair. Try and take a walking break. Experts recommend setting a timer on the computer to remind you to move every hour. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park far away from the mall, etc. etc.

9. Poor Digestion

You are not what you eat; you are what you digest and absorb! Our gut health will determine our overall wellbeing. The bacteria that lies in our gut helps us to fight disease, process our food, make nutrients and make hormones etc. Also, if you’re feeling low, tired, and moody and your diet contains alcohol, coffee and sugar, you need to give your body a break. When your liver is sluggish, it struggles to process substances/toxins/hormones efficiently and this leads to toxic build up and this will inevitably cause weight gain.

10. Don’t Drink Water

Last but not the least, we’ve all heard how important H2O is when it comes to shedding pounds. It helps to suppress appetite, so you’re less likely to overeat. But that’s not all: When you’re dehydrated, your kidneys can’t function properly, so the body turns to the liver for additional support. Because the liver is working so hard, more of the fat you consume is stored rather than burned off.

By: Tanvi


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