Let’s have a look at some of the craziest beauty products which may or may not work but are out there for all to try

Every girl wants to look her prettiest and we girls have a LOT of stuff going on to help or atleast trying to help us out (god save our souls !! Hallelujah) . It’s a real adventure to be a girl but when do beauty products cross the line of being innovative to downright weird ??

Today we look at some of the craziest beauty products which may or may not work but are out there for all to try. The jury is still out to decide whether these are adventurous or a bit too much but It’s all available on amazon.com. So try, enjoy and judge (the only place where judging is good except the court #lamejoke)

Go Figure !

Eyelid Trainer

Mere mast mast do nain .. giving me a lot of pain#lamerjoke
For those of us with small eyes with deep lids , this eyelid trainer is supposed to fit over your eyes and lift them up to make your eyes look bigger and more prominent.#OUCH

eye lid trainer beauty product Weirdest Beauty Products !

Nose Slimmer

Now rhinoplasty has become every girl’s best friend <coughshilpashettycough> but these nose slimmers take it to a next level . These fit over your nose and almost pinch them for a long time . This claims to slim down and straighten any nose while making you sound like Himesh bhai . #terateraterasurooooooor.

nose clipper beauty product Weirdest Beauty Products !
Facial Excerciser

Do you feel like your jaw resembles your bull dog ? No offense but can I interest you in the jaw fit facial exerciser which claims to transform to into a drool worthy Christiano Ronaldo and Fawad Khan like razor sharp jaw line . Did I say Fawad Khan ??

ronaldo facial exerciser Weirdest Beauty Products !

Lip Tattoo

Too Lazy to apply lipstick ?? Or would you prefer to have some polka dots/leopard print/jewels/rainbows/your SO’s name on your lips ?? <Hotton pe bas tera naam hai > Try the temporary lip tattoo which is pretty much as the name says is a stick-on for your lips , lasts till you remove it with an advanced makeup wipe .

Lip Tattoo Stickers 7 Weirdest Beauty Products !
liptattoo Weirdest Beauty Products !

Face Slimmer

Chubby cheeks ,dimpled chin,rosy lips,teeth within #throwback

This little tool is supposed to be put in your mouth and as you open and close your mouth , it supposedly exercises your cheeks and claims to slim down those doll cheeks . Looks a bit BDSM to me #51stshadeofgrey

face slimmer mouth exercise japan mouthpiece 4 Weirdest Beauty Products !

3D Mascara

Your routine primer+mascara+curler+falsies not doing enough for you ??? Try the 3D mascara . It not only contains your usual mascara but along with that contains glue and a few suspicious looking black hair like fibers which stick on to your lashes and make you look like you have them natural ginormous lashes !! Va-va-voom !!
3d mascara Weirdest Beauty Products !

Spring Facial Hair Remover

Too tired to go to the neighbourhood aunty to get your upper lip done ? Getting ready for a hot date with the cutie next door but too afraid to wax just before the date ( Halloween came in early this year !! Yikes !! ) No worry baby girl, try these spring like epilators which hurt the same like threading but are supposedly better for your skin compared to waxing .

facial hair remover 01 Weirdest Beauty Products !
Instant Bangs 

Got a gargantuan zit on your forehead and it’s the first day of college ?? Don’t sweat it my cutie-patootie . Grab one of these bangs , wear ’em like a hairband and look chic a la Anushka Sharma in PK.
instant bangs Weirdest Beauty Products !
anushka sharma instant bangs Weirdest Beauty Products !

Hair Dryer Gloves

Too inexperienced with the hair dryer ?? Drying with the towel a bit too LS for you (#typicaldelhigirltag) . These  giant hot pink panther gloves to the rescue !! (Wonder how’s pink panther doing after our Ash was done with him ..hmm ) Anyways these giant hands are supposed to be worn on your wands #obvious . Just run through your hair with them , pout like a model , pose a few selfies and Voila dry as a bone hair !!
hair dryer gloves Weirdest Beauty Products !

Manicure Nail Tip

OMG !! 20 minutes to get ready and still want to get your nails done ?? These handy mini clips latch on to your nails after you paint them shielding the polish from smudging leaving you to function with full use of your hands like an accomplished human being #dontbeporn

10 PCS Manicure Nail Art Finger Design Tips Cover Polish Shield Protector Clip Form Wholesale Weirdest Beauty Products !

So try these out my loves , and tell me what you think .

By: Bhavna Sharma

Image Source: Eyelid trainer, Ronaldo, Nose Slimmer, Lip Tattoo, 2, hair remover, 3 d mascara, bangs, Anushka Sharma, gloves, nails, slimmer

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