Can the West Indies face the Kiwi Challenge in the 4th Quarter final match of the World Cup?

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west indies cricket team Can West Indies Stop the New Zealand Juggernaut?

Editorial Note: Too Late !!! West Indies Already Beaten

Can West Indies Stop the New Zealand Juggernaut?

New Zealand has pretty much cruised through the group stages and they have been the team to beat as far as the World Cup 2015 is concerned. They have cast aside Sri lanka, destroyed England, scraped past Australia, Scotland and Bangladesh and also defeated Afghanistan relatively easily.West Indies has played extraordinary cricket at times but have looked commonplace at other times. They rode on Chris Gayle’s double ton to annihilate the Zimbabweans and Jerome Taylors and Jason Holders exploits to gun down Pakistan and UAE but have lacked the skills and at times the commitment to get across against India and South Africa. They also suffered a humiliating loss to Ireland in their opening game. Read the preview of the 4th quarter final fixture and know strengths and weaknesses of both the teams.

Saina ”The wonder girl”

why is Saina Nehwal so popular’? She is by no stretch of imagination related to cricket, then how is she the sporting toast of the nation. Possibly the answer is London 2012, or maybe because she hails from the city of of Md.Azharuddin and VVSLaxman or because her name is quite identical to Sania(Indian Tennis player). Whatever be the answer, currently she is the queen of the badminton world, especially, after her success at London where she won bronze, followed by the Denmark Open win. Then let us dig into the reasons of why sports lovers across the country drool about this Hydrabadi girl.


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