Reader’s Voice – Over the course of history, India has seen many leaders who led the people of their time and changed history. But what makes a real leader? Is it capability, circumstances or both?  We find out with the help of examples of two great men.

There are generally two types of people. One belongs to the category which believes in destiny, and hence doesn’t make any effort to correct circumstances. The other belongs to the group which makes its own destiny through hard work and perseverance. If we browse through history we will find scores of such examples where great leaders challenged the status quo and not only altered the way people thought of those circumstances, but doing so, changed the course of history. It is more mental than physical strength which makes a person a leader and hence makes him stand apart from the breed. The example they set and the trail they leave are followed by generations to come.

Let we take two examples from Indian history which will justify above. The first one is that of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation who belongs to modern history, and the other one, of Chanakya, the prime minister and political guru of Chandragupta Maurya, who was an integral part of our ancient history. Gandhiji, who started his career as a lawyer, made non-violence his weapon and fought hard with the colonial masters, shaking the very foundation of a rule made over more than 200 years of violence.

Chanakya was diametrically opposite of Gandhi. A complete believer in war, he eliminated the Nanda dynasty and created such a great kingdom led by Chandragupta which was one of the most powerful ones at that time. Even the great Alexander was unable to penetrate it and departed empty handed.

The above examples taught us that there is no clear cut definition of a real leader and what type of philosophy he follows. There are certainly circumstances which make best of out of him and he is the one who shows others light at the end of tunnel while people around him feel entrapped.

By Hitesh Singh Pundir

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