Enjoy using WhatsApp? Learn the new way of connecting with your friends through WhatsApp, from your Computer or Laptop.

Several posts were submitted on our community yesterday. From opinions to food recipes, quite a few posts trended well in the community. Here are the top trending blog posts on our community. Here are the top trending posts on the community.

WhatsApp for PC – An Official Way to use WhatsApp on PC without any Emulator’s 

WhatsApp has finally released its most searched feature over the web that is to use WhatsApp on PC. WhatsApp for PC feature enables the user to send and receive WhatsApp messages on PC or Laptop without installing any third party software on your Computer or Laptop. Enjoy using WhatsApp? Learn the new way of connecting with your friends through WhatsApp, from your smart phone but a Computer or Laptop.

Sleep Well So The Brain Makes Healthy Food Choices 

Think of your body like a machine, if the machine is maintained properly on a regular basis, It would function perfectly fine. Similarly for the body healthy food, proper sleep and exercise are needed for the smooth sailing, without any bumps and breaks along its way. So why is Sleep so important? Read the article and know the interesting findings that may encourage you to sleep a bit longer.

Lessons for a father – Are you smart enough to build Rome? 

Rome was not built in a day, neither a week nor a year. But it took centuries for Rome to achieve greatness and become the ‘eternal city’. Similarly if you want to achieve greatness or be really good at a thing then you need hard work and smart introspection. It needs immense effort to build a strong foundation and careful analysis to make the necessary tweaks so that the foundation can take the burden of true greatness. Read the interesting article on self improvement and motivation.

So these were the top trending post on our community. Don’t forget to read them and post your own article or opinions on our community in Indiaopines.


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