When Cows Are Safer Than Women in India

When Cows Are Safer Than Women in India

In general, it turns out that acts of violence often occur in India, especially women. Violence not only befalls travelers, but also on local women. The crime cases that are rampant among women in India are rape. The case of rape which has attracted much public attention is what happened to Aruna Shanbaug who works as a nurse. He experienced sexual violence brutally by Sohanlal Bhartha Walmiki in the basement of the Hospital in India. Aruna Shanbaug experiences blindness and damage to the brain that causes coma for more than 40 years. The Aruna family even wanted to inject dead to end Aruna’s suffering, but the law in India did not legalize the practice of lethal injection.

When Cows Are Safer Than Women in IndiaVarious crimes against women later inspired a Calcutta artist, Sujatro Ghosh made a new project. The project is to compare trends in protection of cows and high violence against women. The project was launched by showing women wearing cow masks posing in public places such as on trains or relaxing at home. In India, in order to protect cows, most people are willing to commit violence and that is considered reasonable and justified. Various methods are used to protect cows. After Narendra Modi became prime minister, the protection of cattle was further enhanced. Penalties for smuggling cows or slaughtering are also strengthened since Modi took the lead.

On the other hand, women are increasingly insecure. As an indication, almost every day there are women who experience rape in India. The 2015 Indian Times report mentions 34,651 rape cases in India. Gang rape reached 2,113 cases in that year. Crimes against women such as sexual harassment included being forced to take off their clothes, be spotted, and stalking reached 84,222 cases. That is a registered case. Abduction of women reached 59,277 cases in 2015. Forcing women to marry is the main reason for the number of abductions of women in India. In 2015, almost 54 percent of female abductions were made to force them to get married. New Delhi is the city with the highest crime against women. Another city is Assam, which is in second place. In a World Economic Forum survey, New Delhi was included in the list of the fourth most unsafe cities for a woman. These situations underlie Ghosh to juxtapose trends in the protection of cattle, animals that are worshiped by many residents, with increasing violence against women. Cows in India are in fact safer than being women there.

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