Indians as a group were known for their benevolence and hospitality. Is the trend changing owing to some cheap deals and discounts?

Looking at the recent trends people are following while shopping, I ended up wondering when we became so cheap. I’m not talking about discount sales or freebies. Last week there was an offer at Big Bazar for exchange of old items in return for discount coupons and on those two days of offer had you walked in front of the mall it just looks like a flood relief camp. People pushing each other, stampeding and heaps and heaps of old goods.
big bazaar1 300x110 When Did We Become So Cheap?
They are OLD I agree, but they are not in such bad condition. They are useful. What my point really is why people didn’t think of donating them to those in need? I saw perfectly shiny steel vessels, old but wearable clothes, mattresses, blankets, bags and many more daily needs. They are so many people who are in dire need of a mattress or blanket however shabby it is. And looking at some pretty baby frock I was left with an image of little children wearing torn clothes. Hasn’t it even occurred to anyone that, instead of dumping old goods in front of a mall for silly discount coupons that you use for buying something that you really don’t need, you can give at least some of them to a person in need and bring a smile on their face?

The meaning of donation has changed over time. Now if someone wants to donate anything, they’d want a receipt for that so that they can claim tax relief. Or people only donate when there’s a big natural disaster. They might not give you a receipt or they might not be the victims of any disaster but they still need helping hands. Give those clothes to an orphanage or those blankets to those who sleep on footpath. It’ll give you a lot of peace. If you give it for a discount coupon and buy something for return, do you feel so great that you saved a lot of money? I don’t think so. What’s more is that you end up spending more money than you originally intended to because you have discount coupons. If you really want to clear out the junk in your house just donate it.

By Raghuma Mandali

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Image Source: Big Bazaar@facebook

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