Reader’s Voice: How did the Patna bomb blasts happen? What about 26/11, despite several warnings by the US intelligence? Who is responsible for all this? Is there a mole in our government? The Congress has so many questions to answer. Is anyone there?

Is the ISI working with some Indians? Or are some Indians working with the ISI? This is a big developing story for Indians; a wake-up call to think who the real criminal minds behind serial blasts are, who was behind the terror attack of 26/11? Who helped them execute these acts of terrorism from Indian soil? The news told us that the US had issued 26 alerts to the government of India about a possible terror strike before 26/11. This means that the Home Ministry was given a wake-up call 26 times before the attack and still our intelligence agencies and our Home ministry was sleeping? In the first place, why is it that US intelligence can get such sensitive information well in advance and we can’t? And why is that our Home Ministry does not take alerts seriously? Why do they have a casual approach when it comes to innocent people getting killed in terrorist attacks? Is it because there are some elements in the government who are possibly working for the ISI? Why is our intelligence not working effectively and efficiently? Is somebody not allowing them the freedom to work independently? Is it not the failure of the Home Ministry? Or is it done purposely by someone from within so that the plots hatched by terrorists of the IM or from Pakistan can be executed successfully? Like serial blasts in Patna at the Gandhi maidan or the 26/11 terror strike for over 72 hours in a city like Mumbai? The recent Patna serial blasts are proof from the same.

Either the people in charge at the center or state like Sushil Kumar Shinde do not understand their responsibilities of protecting 1.2 billion people or they are just unfit for the job. Whatever the reasons, we can see they are busy playing communal politics and don’t really care about the lives of ordinary citizens getting killed by terrorists. 15 to 16 bombs were planted to blow up Narendra Modi along with senior BJP members at the Gandhi maidan and the Bihar intelligence and police, in spite of receiving alerts from the IB, were sleeping? This is unbelievable. There has to be dirty politics with a communal agenda at the bottom of this? Terrorists came, studied the place, dug the ground at 16 places including one under the stage, planted the bombs and left the ground without anyone seeing them or noticing? Not very likely, is it? This means there was no active security in and around the ground. No metal detectors and no CCTV cameras. This in itself is a big unexplained story till today. Was it deliberate to allow terrorists to succeed in their designs? To say they that had no clue about something so terrible about to happen is the height of criminality on the part of the Bihar Government. Even a school going boy will not buy this story knowing it was Narendra Modi`s election rally which was expected to draw more than 5 to 7 lac people to the ground. It’s really not rocket science. This raises a few serious questions about communal politics as practiced by Congress, JDU and SP to please their vote banks about the serious security lapses, whether the IM is being allowed to flourish on Indian soil, whether intelligence reports of some illegal migrants working with the ISI and IM, why intelligence alerts are ignored and why the Home Minister throws his hands up whenever there is a terror attack?

Senior Congress Ministers, Digvijay Singh and Salman Khurshid talked loosely after each terror strike and deliberately tried to give a clean chit to Pakistan, or the ISI and Hafeez Saeed by openly accusing RSS of creating communal tensions. What is the reason for all this? Can someone explain? After the Patna serial blasts, Digvijay Singh immediately made such outrageous statements about RSS without any evidence? And he does that after every terror attack. He made same irresponsible comment when serial blasts occurred in Bodhgaya in July earlier this year and pointed his finger at the RSS. If he knows so much about the RSS and Bajrang Dal, why doesn’t he pass on the information to police? And why do the police not interrogate Digvijay Singh when he makes such allegations? Why is he spared for talking loosely about something as serious as bomb blasts? Are Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi on the same page as Digvijay Singh? Do they also think that it is not a job by Pakistan, ISI or Hafeez Saeed but by the RSS? Let the citizens of this country know what type of politics they all are playing while innocent people are getting killed. Or is someone like Digvijay Singh himself involved with Pakistan-ISI?

With all these politics by the Congress, its failure in dealing firmly with terrorists, ignoring alerts coming from US intelligence and serious lapses in security measures at all places, many of us have legitimate suspicions now about people in this government, administration, who are working like mercenaries with the ISI and are on their pay roll. When the facts- like the IM being allowed to grow, intelligence failing to work effectively, the questionable seriousness to deal with terror like a war and the rampant corruption at all levels in government: in political class, in administration, in bureaucracy, in police- are put together, the picture that emerges shows that there are a few moles working from within our system as a part of a bigger political conspiracy to eliminate some politicians and destroy this country politically, socially and economically. Otherwise in such a serious situation no one would be playing politics. We would have seen national interest first in every talk, every policy, and every decision by this Congress government. We don’t see that honesty and national pride. The blood is on the hands of Dr. Manmohan Singh and no one else. He needs to answer this nation.

By Ajay Angre

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