Sahitya Akademi Award return in a row has incited a row in India. What if returned were not awards? Let’s break off Modi’s silence by a bit of humour.

A slew of Indian writers fixed upon their minds to return ‘Sahitya Akademi Award’ in an effort to prick the inflating silence of Modi Government. MM Kalburgi’s murder followed by Dadri lynching incited an uproar in the freedom-full minds of writers, dragging them down to an extent of returning their awards.

sahitya academy award Why Return Sahitya Academy Award Memes

Well, had there been other returns, silence would have metamorphized into laughter.

1. Bigg Boss Honcho Salman Khan’s colorful life could imbue him in every color of joy, except one, the color of marriage.

salman story Why Return Sahitya Academy Award Memes

2. Lalu Prasad Yadav‘s pigmentation of scalp malfunctioned much ahead of the stipulated age, when one’s greying of hairs is considered considerably normal. But Lalu’s destiny was not fair enough to support his youthful days.

Lalu Why Return Sahitya Academy Award Memes

3. None other than a child’s born happens to deliver the greatest happiness to a mother, but Sonia Gandhi‘s motherhood doesn’t dovetail with the aforementioned belief.

sonia gandhi Why Return Sahitya Academy Award Memes

4. Alia Bhatt is the first ‘bewakoof’ icon one remembers of to fling jokes upon. She and her below-average general knowledge serve as the best source of laughter.

alia bhatt1 Why Return Sahitya Academy Award Memes

By Prerna Daga

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