Here are 5 reasons why you should visit the Daryaganj book market.

Are you a bookworm? If yes, do you live in NCR? Have you ever been to Daryaganj book market? If the answer to these questions is in negative then you are certainly missing something. Something that a bookworm should never miss and that is books, old books, scent smelling old books and that too at the price of a cup of coffee. So, upcoming Sunday, gather all your bookworms’ fantasies and visit Daryaganj market of old books, the bookworms’ carnival.

Here are the reasons you should definitely visit the place:

1. Finding that great book

Looking for a book that you are craving to read for so long? This is the place you may find that.

Find a Good Book Why you Should Visit Daryaganj Book Market
2. You may see the magic of books

Books are magical, no matter old or new. You just need power of imagination.

Books Why you Should Visit Daryaganj Book Market
3. Smell of old books

For a bookworm, nothing can be that erotic than the smell of old books. Just go for it.

Smell of Books Why you Should Visit Daryaganj Book Market
4. Meeting other bookworms

Though, it depends on how friendly you are, but you may find there people who equally love books that you do.

People love books Why you Should Visit Daryaganj Book Market
5. Falling in love with a bookworm

Remember that memorable scene from Rajendra Kumar’s blockbuster Mere Mehboob? There are all the chances that you run into someone carrying books and that may lead to beautiful love story around books.

By Abu Turab Naqvi

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