Worried by the only woman of your life, “your wife” check out how Akbar tried to handle the two shehzaadi’s Ruqaiya Begum and Jodha Bai

Often my male colleagues, friends and associates complain about their respective wife. This always made me wonder, “What would have been the dilemma of the kings, badshahs, and the big landlords who once had so many wives, especially the Mughal Emperors who had more than 300 wives?

While, I understand not many Mughal Emperors came in the women friendly zone who might have treated them nicely, my prime concern is the 3rd emperor Akbar, the great who had 3 chief queens as opposed to one in contrast to the other Mughal Emperor who normally had one.

Jodha akbar1 Know how to handle Wife or Wives, Learn the Akbar style!

Here, I’m really not bothered about 297 wives that Akbar hardly gave importance, my interest is in his three chief wives – Ruqaiya Sultan Begum, Salima Begum and Mariam –Uz – Zamnai aka Jodha bai. Again, it is quite a known fact that Salima being Bairam Khan’s wife would not have been eyeing for any special attention from Akbar, this further reduces Akbar’s tension. Even then, there remains two women. So, my focus goes on these remaining two – Ruqaiya and Jodha.

How would have Akbar handled the two ladies, that too one was the Mughal shehzadi who obviously might have lot of nakhras and the other was a Rajyavanshi princess, who definitely would be no less. How would he handle the two, I’m sure even though he would have been a great king outside he would pull his hair in frustration like the contemporary men every time when he had to face the women problem in the royal harem.

Starting from 13th March episode of Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar, we see Jodha Bai and Ruqaiya Begum having a cat fight right in front of Akbar. Akbar who normally is strong seems to be in big dilemma because neither he can tell Ruqaiya to stop her tantrum nor he can convince Jodha to stay mum.  Starting from today, we can watch how Akbar handled his wives.

So, all the men out there can learn some lessons on how to handle your wife or wives by watching the series. Perhaps, men of India might get some hint!

By: Deepti Verma

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