Life is like a bed of roses with one who has caressing hands of parents above their head, while bed of thorns for orphans.

 Value of some people and some things in life can’t be gauged. Our parents take the topmost rung in that hierarchy of ‘some people’. How often do we call our moms to serve a glass of water! How often do we order our dad to return home from office with our favourite sweets! How often do we go topsy-turvy in search of that lost ‘one-important-thing’ which only with our mom’s magic reappears! How often do our moms pacify our hunger-pangs with our wished-for dishes! How often does dad hand over the cash every time we plan for outings! The preceding exclamations may not sound grave while reading, but when deep down if we chew over, we would be cognizant of how fortunate we’re.

Having elucidated on the immeasurable greatness of parents, I would like readers to take note of the other side of coin, that side of the society where life blooms dully under no-parents shadow, the side where parental love doesn’t exist; the side where the curve around the lips is not as vibrant as it should be; the side where excess independency strangles one’s heart; alas and alack, the side which the society dubs as ‘orphanage’.

I along with my family make sure to make it to this gloomy corner of the society to spark smiles on the lips of those love-seeking orphans. Two out of 365 days are not much to make a significant difference in their life but when I, You and We club together to work for the happiness of theirs’, each of the 365 days in their life happens to better.

orphanage What It Is To Be Without Parents

Life without ‘DESIRE’

Where I can any day and anytime desirously demand things from my parents, be it a smidgen of mom’s-hand-made sweet or lump sum 5K, there, their eyes struggle to carpet their emotion of desirousness. Every time I sign in this orphanage(Siddharth United Social Welfare Mission), I take along some delicious food to distribute among them. To my best I try to break the monotony of ‘rice’ in their life. But while seeing them eat, the persistent and the continuous thought-wave that strikes my heart is ‘How do these innocent children manage to satisfy with only what they get’. How we with ease scream and demand ‘mumma, ek aur’ and in contrast, these children unwantedly extinguish the flame of desire. For them, two pieces of idly do not up to three, four and so on like we do in our homes. That’s life perhaps.

love seeking orphan What It Is To Be Without Parents

When independency begs for a tad of dependency

They have no helping hands in their life. I gaped and wondered how those delicate fingers rinsed their utensils before I and my family served them. I wondered how they rolled out the carpet to ensure seating-arrangements for the entire pool of children before we dished out food. It was that heart-breaking sight when emotions choked my throat and tears moistened my eyes. It is always then when I recognize the gratitude of god to have my parental-love-circumvented life.

gloomy eyes What It Is To Be Without Parents

If witnessing such kind of life is this painful, I can explicitly visualise how many-folds painful it is to live. Hats off to these parents-less children who definitely do not are as lucky as me but I urge each one of you to make them feel lucky in any possible way you can.

For it’s in giving that we receive

For it’s the scarcity of smile the world today tussle with.

For it’s the thought of youth that can work for the cause of societal welfare.

Let’s take one single step and see the ‘one’ turning into ‘countless’.

By Prerna Daga

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