JNU outrage has brought into light a lot. Where on one hand, Arnab Goswami verily exposed JNU politics, there, Kejriwal espoused anti-national elements.

People were witness. They were prosecutors. And entire india was the jury.

All those who accuse Arnab for being witness, prosecutor and jury too were wrong this time. He was the prosecutor but the nation was the witness and the the entire Nation was jury to pronounce the judgement in JNU case in one voice.

Arnab Goswami of Times Now, Rohit Sardhana and Sudhir Choudhari of Zee News.These three honest journalists with their unquestionable professional integrity and nationalism EXPOSED the criminal political conspiracy behind JNU politics..

They continuously kept the nation updated and informed who the real culprits and enemies of this country are.

The Nation was informed by these journalists without mincing the words, who are the real conspirators, who committed the crime of Treason, who supported the crime and the traitors against the nation, who is helping Hafeez Saeed and ISI of Pakistan to execute their devilish designs to terrorize India, to Bleed India and to Destroy India.

Times now arnab goswami, zee news ‘s rohit sardhana and sudhir choudhari played a exemplary role of professional journalism while reporting student protests from JNU campus.

Arnab Goswami The Witness, Prosecutor And Jury.

It was a political conspiracy hatched against the nation, particularly modi government and exposed by these three senior journalists who are no less fighters of our enemy than our brave soldiers fighting terrorists.

To these three proud nationalists, this nation salutes equally with pride.

The enemy is in the house. Now we know, all of them are spotted. They are operating from Indian soil..those seen by the nation, Rahul Gandhi, Sitaram Yechuri, A.Raja, Arvind Kejriwal shamelessly joining to defend the anarchists, the traitors revolting against our judiciary, constitution, president and the elected government from the JNU campus shouting slogans against the nation, abusing India. They are all political opportunists and indirectly supporting isi of pakistan, and wanted terrorist, hafeez saeed in breaking india.

kejriwal1 The Witness, Prosecutor And Jury.

It is an utter shame and disgust to see these corrupt political leaders and fake secular stooping to such a low level against their own country.

They are watched by the entire nation fueling and provoking students from jnu university against india. And aranb goswami, rohit sardhana, and sudhir chaoudhari, three senior most journalists caught them in the criminal act cheating the nation.

They exposed the enemies inside and they exposed the traitors of India. They all deserve to be congratulated for their taking on the traitors of this country courageously, boldly in an otherwise sold media culture.

India needs more such honest, professional journalists to change India who stand by their professional ethics without selling their conscience.

By Ajay Angre

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