Who hasn’t in India been affected by the ridiculously elaborate marriage resumes? Here is a hilarious marriage resume of an Indian girl which comes as a slap to all those sexists out there.

There are two different kinds of people in this whole big world – female and male. If you think I’m missing the third one, for a moment, let’s just consider only these two. While the first kind is always into creation and running things, whether it’s the world, family or business, the latter kind is always of the opinion that behind every successful act of the first kind, it is they who should be credited. After all, without them, their creation wouldn’t have been possible. If you are one among the first kind and you feel, how dare they, don’t worry the feeling is mutual.

marriage 300x225 The Witty Marriage Resume of an Indian Girl These second kinds, the Men are predominantly found in India, the same way as tree frogs are found on a large scale in the Amazon basin. So, when the time comes to hook themselves they circulate their marriage resume around the Internet to seek their better half, making the whole process of “search for partner” hilarious. While the academically brilliant put their GRE, CAT and IQ Scores on their CV, expressing their desire to seek a girl who can produce a child with equal intelligence, there are others with equally amusing matrimonial resumes which you find every now and then in your inbox with “Will you do fraandship with me?” So, if you strongly feel like snapping at such potential husbands right on their face, here is a marriage resume format which I have attempted taking all the parameters into consideration to slap right in their face.

Name: On Request

Religion: I’m secular but that doesn’t mean I am a Congress devotee

Caste: All girls are high caste

Age:  Asking a girl’s age is not morally correct, bad manners!

Height: Tall enough to see your bald spot

Weight: Different on different occasions, let me know whether you want before lunch or after lunch

Body Type: Why, do you want to suggest me a cream?

Complexion: Indian

Blood Group: B positive

Physical Status: Normal that’s what I feel

Education Qualification: Phd in Debating

Special Skills: Can talk nonstop for hours and also know perfectly how to shop till you and your wallet drop

Employed in: NGO supporting feminism, women rights and Anti-Men movements

Occupation: Full Time Orator

Preference: Not looking for a professionally qualified guy who wants an academically qualified girl from a premium institute as it confuses me and I wonder whether, you are looking for a prospect bride or manager. Again, not looking for guys who are keen on their GRE and CAT scores in their matrimonial profile because neither I have a business nor a reference so that I can help you with a job. For those, who think they want to send me their fraandship request please have a look on my recent attached picture, which I couldn’t click as I’m not a selfie you see. After seeing the blank picture, if you think it is love at first sight and if it feels like you hear the sound of violin in Main Hun Na, only then contact me. P.S: Guys, you might be wondering if there is a similar marriage resume format for boys as well. Oh there is, we will surely discuss that in a later post 😉

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Image Source: Jeevansathi.com@facebook

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