Get to know the hot wives and girl friends of our equally hot and  Talented  IPL cricketers

What does WAGS mean? The word WAGS was coined by the British media in order to describe the drove of uber glamorous wives and girlfriends of the English footballers who travelled to Germany during the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Some of the WAGS included such famous beauties like Cheryl Cole (Ashley Cole’s wife) and Victoria Beckham. However it is also important to point out that cricket also has its fair share of WAGS and they are often seen not only during international cricket matches but also during the IPL, a tournament associated with glamour. So without further ado let’s take a look at the hottest WAGS of the IPL.

1 Anushka Sharma

Well, she has not been spotted in the stands yet in any IPL game in which the Royal Challengers Bangalore have been involved, however if you believe the rumour mills and the now famous Koffee With Karan interview with Anushka Sharma, then you would not be in any doubt about her relationship with Virat Kohli. However, as far as WAGS are concerned there is absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind that she is by far the best there is at the moment.

anushka sharma IPL WAG1 Know Your IPL WAGS


2 Shamone Jardim

The supermodel from South African is Jacques Kallis’ girlfriend of many years and till a few years back she used to raise the temperatures at many cricket stadiums across India, however she has not been present at the matches this year. Now that is not reason for the fans to feel upset since Kallis is going to be with the IPL for 2 more season at least and Shamone Jardin is surely going to grace everyone with her presence sooner rather than later.

shamone jardem WAG IPL Know Your IPL WAGS

3 Jessica Taylor

Well, she can be called the Posh Spice of cricket because of her background as a member of a pop group called Liberty X and married to the one of the biggest ever stars in English cricket Kevin Pietersen. She is not longer a pop star since she has to look after the household but as far as the glamour quotient is concerned she still head and shoulders above many.

Jessica Taylor WAGS IPL Know Your IPL WAGS


4 Ayesha Mukherjee

Shikhar Dhawan’s wife Ayesha Mukherjee is the latest entry into the glamorous world of cricket WAGS and she is someone who can surely make heads turn wherever she goes. Over the past few seasons she has been seen in the stands whenever her husband Shikhar has been in action for the Sunrisers Hyderabad and you can expect to see more of her in the following seasons.

ayesha mukerjee 2 indian WAG IPL Know Your IPL WAGS


Ayesha Mukherjee WAG IPL Know Your IPL WAGS

 5 Jeanne Kietzmann

South African fast bowler and Sunrisers Hyderabad fast bowler Dale Steyn’s girlfriend Jeanne Kietzmann can actually have a camera for herself if he ever visits an IPL come due to her smouldering good looks and overall appearance. She is an actress in South Africa and is also a fashion model, who has been part of many well known projects. Watch out for her in the stands if she ever shows up during a game.

jeanne kietzmann IPL WAG  Know Your IPL WAGS

6 Sakshi Dhoni

If the CSK are in action then you would not be able to miss the perpetual presence of M S Dhoni’s wife Sakshi Dhoni in the stands in Chennai or for that matter at any other stadium in the country. She might not be a professional model or an actress like some of the others on this list but as far as beauty and glamour are concerned she is right up there with the very best.

sakshi dhoni WAG IPL Know Your IPL WAGS


sakshi dhoni sporty IPL WAG Know Your IPL WAGS

7 Arthi Venkatesh

 Anirudha Srikanth’s wife and Chennai based model wife Arthi Venkatesh is one of the best looking WAGS in the IPL. In addition to that, she attends most of the games in which her husband might be involved and if you watch the game carefully you might just be able to spot this striking maiden.

arthi venkatesh Know Your IPL WAGS

Arthi on the right with BFF Sakshi 

8 Jessica Bratich

Australian fast bowler usually sets the pitch on fire with his pace while his wife Jessica Bratich does the same with the cameras which focus on her during cricket matches. Now, during this season of the IPL she has not been seen in the gallery at any ground but one can definitely hope that she would be there during the latter stages of the tournament. After all Johnson’s team Kings XI are all set to play in the knockout rounds.

jessica bratich WAG IPL Know Your IPL WAGS

9 Lee Furlong

Shane Watson is considered one of the hottest cricketers in the world and hence it is not a surprise that he has married a woman who is well and truly his best match. She is a presenter for Australian television channel Fox and that would give you a fair idea about her looks. Although her job does not allow her to be with her husband at all times she still does make it to a few games once in a while.

lee furlong WAG IPL Know Your IPL WAGS

10 Candice Falzon

Australian batsman David Warner who smashed a scintillating 90 the other day versus the CSK is in a relationship with an equally scintillating Candice Falzon, who is a well known Australian athlete in her own right. Falzon is Maltese by origin and that is perhaps the secret of her unmistakable exotic charm that remains unrivalled among the cricket WAGS.

candice fazlon WAG IPL Know Your IPL WAGS


11 Neha Dhupia

Yuvraj Singh has probably been the biggest playboy in Indian cricket right from the time he first made his debut and over the past few years he has dated some of the hottest women in India, including leading Bollywood star Deepika Padukone. After recovering from cancer, his roving eye is rumoured to have been caught by none other than actress Neha Dhupia and the couple are in a relationship. Let’s hope she is seen at the games during some of the RCB games.

neha dhupia ipl wag Know Your IPL WAGS

12 Isha Sharvani

Indian fast bowler Zaheer Khan,  who  plays for the Mumbai Indians is in a relationship with film actress Isha Sharvani for many years now and in fact the couple were supposed to get married. Although they have not had a break up or anything, rumour mills suggest that it is a relationship that has often been on the rocks.

isha sharwani WAG IPL Know Your IPL WAGS


13 Geeta Basra

Over the years Harbhajan Singh has somehow succeeded in staying under the radar of the tabloids but 2 years back his long time relationship with Bollywood starlet Geeta Basra was finally out in the open and the cricketer or the actress have not issued a denial yet. Basra used to be touted as one of the hottest prospects in the film industry but her graph has somehow plummeted but with Harbhajan in her arm she won’t have to worry about her floundering film career.

geeta basra ipl wag Know Your IPL WAGS


14 Riya Sen

S. Sreesanth might be disgraced after the details of his involvement in spot fixing in the IPL surfaced last year but for as long as he was a part of the establishment he was  rumoured to be in a relationship with Bong beauty Riya Sen. Riya was seen at plenty of IPL matches in which Sreesanth played and it did not take long for the rumour mill to connect the dots.

riya sen WAG IPL Know Your IPL WAGS


15 Shruti Hassan

The hottest superstar in the Tamil film industry, Shruti Hassan (daughter of legendary actor Kamala Hassan) is rumoured to be CSK star Suresh Raina’s arm candy and this was reported in a  leading English daily based out of Chennai. She used to be at the Chepauk at almost every CSK game and cheered on the men in yellow, but now everyone knows who she was actually cheering for…

shruti hassan ipl wag Know Your IPL WAGS


16 Dipika Pallikal

 The Indian squash pro, who is also a force to be reckoned with at the international level tied the knot with Delhi Daredevils’ star Dinesh Karthik (who had a painful first marriage with Nikita who is rumored to have an affair with cricketer Murali Vijay) this year and is considered among the hottest Indian WAGS in the IPL. Her professional commitments do not allow her to attend many games but she would be followed by the cameras if she ever came to a cricket stadium. 

Dipika Pallikal IPL WAG Know Your IPL WAGS


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