Both men and women are two distinct elements. How can two unequal entities be equal? Food for thought.

Not a day passes these days without a debate on ‘Man Vs Woman’-‘Gender Bias’, ‘Equality between the sexes’ etc. in TV,print media or Symposiums. Does this subject merit a debate or discussion, first of all? I’am  afraid that a critical look at the matter with an open mind, will not only prove it unworthy of discussion but also  to be harmful to the mankind (?) to an irreversible degree.

Gender Equality1 Are Genders Really Equal ?

Is 1 equal to 2 ?

The entire inspiration for the debate on ‘Gender Equality’ springs from outright denial of a hard fact,that man and woman are not ‘created’equal.

Weight,height,pulserate,feelings,emotions,structure,IQ,EQ(Emotional Quotient),Infant Mortality,Stress,Strain,Disease patterns,Communication pattern, everything is different for the sexes.Differences are sharp and more pronounced than commonalities present, if any.Hence it should be amply clear that there is nothing shocking or surprising  in unequals getting unequal treatment.

Gender Equality Are Genders Really Equal ?

Sort  Of Ying Yang !

But,I would hasten to add that the fore-going does not mean that one sex is superior or inferior to the other.Nature has carefully designed the physical and psychological profile of each sex,to competently carryout  their obvious envisaged roles.The abilities and disabilities are so wonderfully crafted that one sex is dependent on the other for survival.The roles are complementary  which is best illustrated by the Chinese concept of ‘Ying-Yang’.The opposites together fit into each others physical and psychological profile,to form the basic unit of human life, the family. Whatever one sex needs naturally ,the other has it.There is no question of superiority or inferiority in Nature. Hierarchies are man- made  and nature has more of inter-dependence than authority.

yin yang Are Genders Really Equal ?

One of the Presidents of U.S.A. once remarked,”I  may be the President of U.S. But I can’t disobey  my 6 year old daughter at the dining table”.

So, let us put an end to arguing which is superior’Tyre or Tube’,’Engine or Wheel’,’Brain or Heart’.Instead let strive to promote understanding and co-operation between the sexes,flexibility in approach to problems and realize that certain biological functions cannot be assigned to the other sex against the order of nature or God.

Hierarchies Are Man Made !      

gender Are Genders Really Equal ?

Hierarchies,as we were discussing,are not quite common in nature,though ,among the ants and bees, a kind of functional hierarchy is observed.However,this functional hierarchy  does not disturb the peaceful existence of the community,as a whole .It’s interesting to note that ‘Nature’ vests leadership qualities in the ‘sex’ which can carry it out with ease.Among  the penguins the  female lays the eggs but it’s the male that protects it for months together, keeping it between its feet, till it hatches! Among the ‘humans’, it appears that nature has put ‘man’ in charge of (a)finding and retaining a territory  for his ‘woman’ and ‘children’ (b) Protecting his ‘woman’ from other ‘men’.These basic duties ,then extend to multiple units of woman and children, thus a territory of home extending into a country, providing ‘basic protection’ enlarging into comprehensive national defence.Thus,’man’ by nature, has to be aggressive,capable of physical fighting, capable of  protecting his mate and offspring’s till they get on their own.Women on the other hand is equipped for nursing the off springs and manage the family.

Equal Treatment In Equal Situations

So let us realize the question of gender equality has to be viewed in the light of equal treatment and equal opportunities for equal situations. For example a man  who is capable of turning out 3,ooo units of some product in a shift of 8 hours and a woman who can turnout 2,8oo units of the same product, within a single shift of 8 hours are obviously not equal. Hence cannot be paid equal compensations. The pay of a person irrespective of the gender should be linked to the productivity norms based on the average output. So, let us put a full stop to the argument of equality among unequal entitles.

gender equality1 Are Genders Really Equal ?

One of generic symbols for gender equality

Woman Is A Woman And Man Is A Man

Let me close with a quote by― Vera Nazarian

“A woman is human.
She is not better, wiser, stronger, more intelligent, more creative, or more responsible than a man.
Likewise, she is never less.
Equality is a given.
A woman is human.” 

By Sundar A.S

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