I have not heard women wearing a burqa or dressed properly being groped. Only when skimpy dresses are worn, men cross their boundaries

Just imagine the picture of Mother Mary (though no one can claim that she looked that way) isn’t she wearing a hijab? Head covered, loose garments, now think why?

women dress like mother mary Women Should Dress Conservatively

Most Hindu women Rajastani, Marwaris, Maharashtrian, wear loose saris and take ghoongat or padar in marathi to cover their faces. Early American, European women used to wear long loose skirts like the Nuns you see in churches or schools with veils on their hats.

rajasthani women painting Women Should Dress Conservatively

I have not heard any woman wearing a burqa or dressed properly be groped. Only when skimpy dresses are worn, men cross their boundaries.

Recently in Dubai two girls walking along Jumeirah beach were pulled into a car one of them was raped and the other fortunately was not. Now the question is why? The girl herself (Iranian) stated I was wearing a mini skirt hence it was easy for the boys but my friend was wearing jeans and shirt which made it difficult for them. Further the girl said since then I am wearing an Abaya(burqa) when I go out.

hijab women Women Should Dress Conservatively

Allah orders the women ( in the Quran ) dress modestly, cover your bodies with loose garments from shoulder to the ankle and the wrist and cover the hair as well. This is the only solution for women to be safe and respected.

By: Javed Badshah

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