Everything you wanted to know about Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo, the post tracks the life of Nooyi from a school girl to being the chairperson PepsiCo

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A well written article on Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo, the post tracks the life of Nooyi from a school girl to being the chairperson of the second largest beverage business in the world. This article makes for a good read. Do give it a read.

SELECTIVE CENSORSHIP  ‘There is a lot of paradox in today’s India where we live in. Yes, here, you have to be selective. Selective outrage, selective liberty, selective bowdlerization; et al.I shouldn’t feel outraged when my God’s are being ridiculed, indulged and scorned. Be it in movies like PK, paintings of MF Hussain or elsewhere. It’s their freedom of expression. We shouldn’t we be interfering in that. True. We need should not indulge in free of expression and creativity. But it’s also true that it has to be a level playing ground.PK was checked by the censors and found okay without any ado. But, why was Vishwaroopam released with all those scratches?’ A take on selective censorship in India where a particular set of works are censored and banned while others are allowed to be aired freely despite protestations, this post is a must read.

The program that changed the reality

Digital image processing has changed the nature of how we see the world. The ease small details and all pictures can be changed with the absolutely realistic approach is now commonplace starting from models on the magazine cover to get glowing complexion and slimmer lines. Even, furniture retailers such as Ikea build their catalogs for all living spaces on the computer. Photoshop is like a magic wand for Advertising agencies as they can implement their craziest fantasies. Know the story behind PhotoShop!

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