All boy friends, fiances and husbands here are the real reasons why women want  you in their lives. Read more …

1. She wants somebody to sponsor her and take care of all her expenses  basically a sugar daddy.  He also has to hold all her shopping bags as she is too delicate to lift any of those. 

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Anything for you Maam Why Women Need Men


2. Matter of pride 

She is beautiful and her man is lucky that she chose him amongst many suitors. You are now her arm candy.

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3. Loves appreciation

She likes being praised. She wants someone to appreciate her looks and outfit even when she is looking horrible and is dressed awkwardly.

appreciations 1 Why Women Need Men


4. She needs a driver to take her for outings, job interviews and shopping. She drives terribly and public transport doesn’t go with her lifestyle. All she has to do is ring him up and he will even leave his office to take her out.

x4DWXp Why Women Need Men

5. She needs him to bear all her gossips and bitching. She, of course, needs to lower down her mental burden. He also has to be all ears while she is talking.  Great thing about her is she expects him to understand her silence as well. 

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6. She needs a punching bag. Anything goes wrong with her, he is responsible. She needs someone whom she can always hold responsible for any mishap that happens to her like losing friends, scoring low or failing exams. 

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tumblr lhb701MUhK1qh78pjo1 400 Why Women Need Men


7. She needs him to recharge her mobile. Well, that’s her birth right and it is every man’s duty to recharge her mobile. Low balance gives her shivers. What does she do with the balance? Hmm, she needs to give minute updates of her relationship to his family and friends. 

K0PuRA Why Women Need Men


8.  To kill cockroaches for her. She is scared of nothing, but cockroaches. However bold and fearless she is, she cannot face a cockroach and needs someone always ready before hand it to kill them for her.

Ll0xdD Why Women Need Men


9. And last but but not the least because sometimes she wants to do this …

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 By: Sapna Madan 

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