Shame on attention-hungry girls!

Molestations and nuisances against women are the thorns that embed our society since time immemorial and nothing, till date, could be done to get rid of such thorns permanently. But what had gained ground these days is scandalizing ‘innocent men’. With no fear of amen, girls nowadays taint the boy’s innocent image with molestation charges and all that jazz to make a fuss before the camera of media.

jasleen kaur Are Women Raping Men Morally?

If you all remember, Rohtak sisters from Haryana, who knocked down the two male passengers on the bus and made themselves the most-readable headline of the newspapers, next morning, were the dead liars. The lie detector test pulled the mask off the shrewd sisters who just had a petty argument over bus-seats but they deformed the matter completely and narrated it as a ‘molestation-attempt’. Similarly, the latest case that emerged in media displaying the tarnished image of Sarvjeet, who, despite being guilt-free was alleged by Jasleen Kaur.

jasleen kaur harassment case viral story Are Women Raping Men Morally?

These wanton acts of girls have become a trend these days to highlight themselves as ‘media-stoppers’, but are oblivious of the damage they do to a boy’s reputation. Thirst for fame had let the girls today forget their morals. They crave for stardom and commit such heinous acts, not physically but morally.

jasleen kaur false case Are Women Raping Men Morally?

This video depicts the unwanted and ill consequences this ‘trend’ is leaving behind

Well, the futuristic society I foresee is veritably bleak. The day is not far when not women, but men will be scared to step out of their homes. Being a girl, I would assert that if men rape women physically, women too are raping men morally.

Hunger for eminence had blindfolded the girls. They can’t sense even the aftermath an innocent boy may go through.

Youths are the backbone of India, is this what youths harbouring?

By prerna daga

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