Xiaomi, Facebook and Alibaba are all set to turn the World’s poor into entrepreneur!

While, the politicians and world organizations are thinking and fighting on how to curb poverty from a specific country and world, here comes two companies – Facebook and Alibaba who are all set on a mission – The mission to provide 4 billion people from low-income countries with Internet and help them engage in e-tailing entrepreneurship.

facebook alibaba poverty entrepreneur pact forbes Worlds Poor Will Now Turn Entrepreneurs   Courtesy Xiaomi, Facebook & Alibaba

If the two companies together succeed in this noble mission of providing Internet to the poor, there will be a new market frontier –the “fortune in the bottom of the pyramid”—to use the C.K. Prahalad’s term. And the Internet will be the medium for the world’s marketers to reach these 4 billion consumers.

Xiaomi Will Sell them The SmartPhones

China’s low cost smart phone maker Xiaomi, who recently became China’s larget smart phone seller by beating Samsung Electronics, will sell the smartphones to Facebook and Alibaba. The company not only has an open operating platform like Google, but also the brand buzz like Apple.

For instance, Xiaomi’s operating platform—currently available in English and Chinese—can be downloaded onto computers worldwide, enabling tech enthusiasts to experience Xiaomi’s interface without owning one of its phones (Source: Paul Mazur, Wall Street Journal). Like Apple, Xiaomi designs and controls the software that runs on the phone, creating a seamless end-to-end experience that places usability on a pedestal. Parmy Olsen of Forbes quotes, ” Xiaomi does in a week what Apple does in a year.”

Now that lessons of Google and Apple are smartly learned by Xiaomi, no one can deny the power of a smartphone created by Xiaomi. In that case, Facebook and Alibaba’s mission to provide 4 billion people from low-income countries with Internet and help them engage in e-tailing entrepreneurship will soon see the light of the day!


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