Author, Satyapal Chandra’s book ‘When Heaven Falls Down’ on the one hand has gotten rave reviews while on the other, it has sparked protests

In a shocking incident which is intended to muffle our democratic right and silence the fundamental Right to Freedom of Expression, an author’s house was attacked in his native village and vulgar posters were stuck all across. Author Satyapal Chandra has come into constant attack of Islamist fundamentalists for his recently released novel ‘When Heaven Falls Down’ which is seen as ‘anti-Islamist’ by these fundamentalists. It is worth to mention that a huge protest has already taken place a few days back and protesters were demanding the immediate arrest of the author and a complete ban on the book.

The author family who resides in a remote village in Gaya district of Bihar is in acute mental trauma due to this. An FIR has been already been lodged by the author’s father against unknown miscreants. SSP of Gaya, Manu Maharaj has assured the author he will look into the matter and book the culprits.

When Heaven Falls Down Cover page 001 When Writing a Book Can Kill You

Why The Book Draws Wrath?

Satyapal Chandra’s tenth novel ‘When Heaven Falls Down’ has come into constant attack by fundamentalists. It is alleged that this book has portrayed Maulvi in bad light. A rape scene depicted in book where four Maulavi barbarously rapes a girl draws sharp criticism. Fundamentalists also alleged that this book has used language against Islam in a riot, a scene depicted in the book which is completely unacceptable to them.

What They Did

The alleged posters over author’s house read: “How long would you hide? We would not tolerate defamation of a Maulvi! You are bound to pay a heavy price for writing an anti-Islamic book…” It is worth to mention here that a fundamentalist has secretly put the price of INR two lakh on his head.

Protest against book When Writing a Book Can Kill You

The Reality of the Book

This romantic novel which has enough contents based on communal conflagration, rape by religious leaders, love-jihad, reality of Indian health care system, Medical negligence, Prostitution, corruption in Indian education system is getting rave reviews from readers. It is seen as one of the boldest and brilliant attempt to unravel the dirty truths of society through the story by many. Readers and fellow authors are appreciating him for writing such a bold novel in this lucid manner. Author was also facilitated by various government officials and other organizations.

Want to know more about the book? Watch this video.

By Sonia Gill 

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