Check out some of the interesting Wrong Facts taught in Indian Schools about Indian History!

Over the years many things have been exaggerated in our text books. While, we have grown up believing the same, it seems that half of the things are either half-truths or plainly wrong.

Here we share some of the wrong facts that we grew up learning about Indian history

nationalism india Wrong Facts taught in Indian Schools about Indian History!

India is the Oldest Civilization in the Global History

Indus valley civilization is neither the oldest civilization nor the oldest surviving civilization. Yet the books highlight it as the oldest civilization. Very little information is shared about Mesopotamia and middle east civilization in our books.

The Idea that India as a nation existed even before independence

Often this has been highlighted that India as a unified state existed thrice: During the reign of Ashoka, Emperor Akbar and during the times of the Queen of England. However, even.during this time, India was divided into several mini-nations of various Nawabs, Kings, and feudal lords who fought constantly with each other.

nationalism india Wrong Facts taught in Indian Schools about Indian History!

Between them, there was neither any unity nor there was any sense of belonging. Besides, the Mughals never invaded India, they in fact conquered several small kingdoms. The British too did not conquer India, they only gave enough ammunition to the kings to fight amongst each other.

Rulers of India Never Invaded Any Other Country

The is perhaps the biggest lie that we have learnt in our text books. The Southern Empires – The Cholas, the Pandyas and the Chera, often left the Indian shores to conquer lands of the east as well as the south.

Under Raja Raja Chola and his son Rajendra Chola, the Cholas “conquered” most of Southeast Asia between 977-1034 AD. These conquered territories had to acknowledge the Chola reign by paying homage and taxes. Though the rulers weren’t tyrannical towards their subjects, the fact cannot be changed that they didn’t conquer a foreign territory.

mughal emperors india Wrong Facts taught in Indian Schools about Indian History!

According to the writings and inscriptions of that period in Southeast Asia, it seems that the citizens of the empire loved their emperor and had deep respect towards him. Interestingly, next generation empires in those areas such as the Malacca empire even claimed to be Cholan descendents so as to bring glory and legitimacy.

Ancient people were peaceful and naive

History is often narrated in a manner where people are glorified making the king appear more like a role model. However, this doesn’t mean they were like saints. This is obviously far from truth. In reality, most of the kings were cruel and quite unjust so.much that we cannot even imagine today.

Besides, there are many things which are kept in dark. For instance, we have no idea at all on how big or huge was the economy of the Mauryan Empire as compared to the Greeks or Romans at that time. Why none of the rulers back then conquered the northern states of Nepal or Myanmar or why did India as a state post Independence adopted a socialistic approach?

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