It is the story of a goat called Shah Rukh that is causing the controversy. View the trailer and poster, get the story of Yeh Hai Bakrapur here. Janaki Vishwanathan’a film has already been screened at film festivals and will release here this April

The problem is caused by a goat called Shahrukh – It all sounds like a tempest in a teacup but Twitter was abuzz with this – some took offence that someone dared to use the same name as their beloved hero for a mere goat; that the filmmaker was trying to get cheap publicity. It’s a film called that Yeh Hai Bakrapur that is causing the furore –  the film  has already been screened at the Mumbai Film Festival in late October last year as well as the Goteburg Festival in Sweden in January.

Film –   Yeh Hai Bakrapur (Release date – 25 April 2014)

yeh hai barkrapur poster Yeh Hai Bakrapur and the SRK ControversyStarring –    Anshuman Jha, Asif Basra,Suruchi Aulakh,Faiz Khan, Yoshika Verma,Shameem Khan, Amit Sial and Utkarsh Majumdar (in Cameos ) and actors from Sutradhar Theatre company from Hyderabad.

Producer – Ramesh S Arunachalam

Director – Janaki Vishwanathan

Story/Screenplay – Janaki Vishwanathan

Music – Agnee (a Pune based rock band that has previously composed for Prakash Jha’s film Dil Dosti Etc)

Yeh Hai Bakrapur Trailer, story


It was a stormy night when Shah Rukh was born, says the narrator’s voice over.  Soon we know that people are coming from all over to meet – the goat. The PA of Abdul Raham Bakhtiyar arrives from Saudi to meet the goat called Shahrukh. The goat will change destinies it would seem and the drama appears to be played out against the backdrop of some little romance as well. We also see the glimpse of what appears to be an opportunist publicist who is trying to convince the family that the goat can be used to endorse local brands.

But it soon becomes clear that the film is a satire upon Indian belief systems as well as the political system – local goons and small time politicians are soon in upon the whole goat drama. The trailer features what appears to be an appeal to the Panchayat – to order a paternity test for the goat. This goat is apparently an angel, we are informed. Everyone seems keen to appropriate the goat to their own ends, whereas there seems to be only one person who really cares about the goat – the little boy whose goat it really is, is worried that the goat will be taken away from him.

Yeh Hai Bakrapur Controversy

yeh hai barkrapur poster2 Yeh Hai Bakrapur and the SRK Controversy

Yahan ShahRukh mein rab dikhta hai, says a poster. Another says Shah Rukh ko samjhana mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai says another – the allusion to the superstar seems difficult to deny. And yet director-writer Janaki Vishwanathan said that all this has nothing to do with the actor; that this was all incidental. The film is not trying to poke fun at anyone; that the reason the goat is called Shah Rukh is because of the fact that this is a trend in rural India – people commonly name pets after superstars, she says. The director was reported as saying that she was sure the superstar would appreciate the subject of the film and extend his good wishes as well. During their goat-hunt, the filmmakers checked out hundreds of bakras, some of those named after Salman Khan; however it was the goat named Shah Rukh that was the handsomest of them all.

yeh hai barkrapur 300x143 Yeh Hai Bakrapur and the SRK ControversyThe ‘protests’ against the conspicuous name of the goat, seem to be few and far between. The twitter buzz for #YehHaiBakrapur at this time seems to be tinged with anticipation for the film and appreciation for the film’s trailer which has hit the 1 million mark – the goat in aviators seems to exert quite an attraction – however one does have to wonder, whether a goat by any other name  – would be as interesting.

By – Reena Daruwalla

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