Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SPOILER – Adi will finally reunite his Ishi Maa and Raman Papa?

It is finally end of all the cat and mouse game in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. After all, Ishita has finally met her sister Mihika in the hospital and going by the precap a maha khulasa is in the making. Looks like Adi too will finally see his Ishi Maa and also get to know that Ishita is alive.

Adi to Meet Ishita in Hospital

Adi rushed in Mumbai to meet his father Raman Bhalla. However, Raman told him to head back to Delhi as he is absolutely fine. Adi then calls up Mihika and tells her about his preparations. He also suggests her to go for wedding shopping. Mihika who is with Ishita denies going and tells him to buy on his own.

yeh hai mohabbatein adi reunites ishita and raman Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Will Adi Reunite Ishita With Raman?

Meanwhile, Adi calls up Mihika. However, Mihika doesn’t take the call. Instead, the call is picked up by Aaliya who tells Adi to come to the hospital in room no. 201 to show the lehenga. Adi is about to enter when Mihika makes excuses. He somehow enters the room. However, to her surprise there is nobody inside. She gets a message from Aaliya that she has taken Ishita for dressing.

Realizing her mistake, Mishika then apologizes to Adi and in order to take him away asks him to come for a coffee. They both go and Aaliya comes with Ishita. Somehow Mihika manages to divert Adi’s attention and take him away. However, looks likeMihika won’t be successful in hiding as Adi will see his Ishi Maa in the hospital. The Precap shows how Adi finally sees his Ishi Maa on the hospital bed.

Adi Will Finally Meet his Ishi Maa

According to the precap, Adi will meet his Ishi Maa despite Mihika’s attempt to take him away. He will see Ishita on the hospital bed. Though Ishita will not recognize him, he will instantly recognize her. It would be simply amazing to see them uniting together. No wonder, Adi loves Ishita unconditionally and even misses her timely. In fact, he thinks if his Ishi Maa would have been there in the house things would have been better.

adi raman Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Will Adi Reunite Ishita With Raman?

Will Adi Reunite His Father and Mother in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Adi has been struggling hard to reunite the two families. He has been trying to somehow bring the Iyers and Bhallas together. However, all his attempts failed miserably. Despite various tries, he could bring them together. The two families still hate each other.

ishita raman Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Will Adi Reunite Ishita With Raman?

But now that Adi has finally met Ishita and he knows that she is alive, he will try his best to bring Ishita in front of Raman. No wonder, he knows only his Ishi Maa can change his father Raman and the family conditions.

It is good to see Adi with Ishita and we hope he tries his best to reunite them both.

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